Ohmni Supercam Telepresence Robot

Telepresence made easy. The Ohmni® telepresence robot lets you be anywhere in the world in just one click.

The new Ohmni Supercam contains the highest resolution camera available in a telepresence robot. A 13MP camera plus the Ohmni low-latency encoding system gives you an immersive, ultra-wide field of view without sacrificing visual detail.

Designed and built in Silicon Valley, CA.



4K HD Wide Angle Camera

See better with the best camera ever on a telepresence robot.

Ultra-Responsive Tilting Neck

Ensures maximum emotiveness and wider field of view.

High-Capacity Battery

Enjoy 5+ hours of continuous call time before charging again.


Customize to Express Yourself

Choose your own colors and customize the base cover.


Autodocking Technology

Advanced vision-based algorithm for easy docking and charging.

Lightweight and Portable

4’8” tall and folds for easy transport. Only 20 lbs.


 Far-Field Mic and Speaker

Hear and be heard clearly across the room.


Glide Drive Technology

Whisper-quiet and smooth motion on any surface.

Human Height

Natural Interaction.

At 4’8” tall, Ohmni is the perfect height for standing and seated conversations.

Tilting Neck

Maximum Freedom.

Smooth, fluid tilting neck gives you the perfect view and feels more human than a fixed screen. 130 degree tilt range lets you look all the way down to the floor or up to the ceiling.

The Ohmni Robot White

Lightweight + Foldable

Take anywhere.

Only 20 lbs. Ohmni can be carried with one hand or put in a car.

Fully Integrated

Sets up in seconds.

No assembly required. No external tablet needed.
Simply unbox, unfold, and turn on.

Ohmni Cloud

Delightfully easy.

One click sharing
The more the merrier.

Invite people by e-mail. They’ll get a
notification and can connect in seconds.

Device support
No install needed.

Ohmni can be controlled from Mobile (Android, iOS) or Desktop (Mac and Windows).

Peer-to-peer encryption
Privacy is paramount.

All video and audio data is encrypted end-to-end using the latest media encryption standards.

Ohmni Robot Navigate login web based cross browser

Supercam™ – 13MP Camera

immersive view, incredible detail.

Wide-angle, low-latency streaming at HD+ resolution. Real-time full resolution zoom to read whiteboards or see fine details at full UHD 4K detail.

140 deg



4208×3120 13MP

Navigation camera

Drive with confidence.

Secondary dedicated wide-angle navigation camera lets you see around the base of Ohmni while you’re driving.

10.1″ HD IPS Touchscreen

Bright and Beautiful.

Optically bonded for clarity. 1280×800 resolution.

Far-Field Mic and Speaker

Hear and Be Heard.

Integrated Jabra speakerphone for maximum audio performance.

Ohmni Robot 4K Camera Full Display

Dual-band WiFi With Roaming

Big space? No problem.

Dual-band WiFi radio with full 2.4GHz + 5GHz support. Optimized background scanning and roaming for large spaces.

Full 802.1x support to get you connected to your businesses or school network.

Magdock charging system

One Click Autodocking.

Simply drive near the dock, press the button and Ohmni uses computer vision to dock itself.

Ohmni’s dock is small, light, and can be placed anywhere in the room (not just against a wall). Our Magdock system uses compliant magnetic contacts to dock without any physical impact, which makes it extremely durable.

Battery Life

5+ Hour Calls.

Ohmni packs a powerful 95 Wh LiFePO4 battery and optimized electronics for 5+ hour calls.

Ohmni Dock Power Adapter

Glide Drive Technology


2x 30W brushless motors power Ohmni silently. Our
custom brushless motor controllers give you precise,
smooth driving at up to 2 mph.


Handles bumps with ease.

Large 6″ wheels in front allow handling obstacles up to
0.5″ and transitions between floor surfaces. Stable 3
wheel base means no rocking motion when moving
around as seen in balancing robots.

Client Love

I wish you could see that moment when a sick kid first connects into their classroom, after missing so much school. The joy of their face, shining through that OhmniLabs robot … priceless!

Megan Gilmour

Co-founder and Executive Director
Missing School, Australia

Ohmni provides us with the flexibility and freedom to meet in various spaces at the simple click of a button, delivers the ultimate solution for consistent and engaging collaboration that allows us to focus on our mission and impact.

Nicola Corzine

Executive Director of the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center

The robot is a godsend, it’s like I am there with her. I can’t praise the product with enough it’s so simple, so incredibly simple.

Nancy Zaslove

Owner of Elko Sushi, Napa Valley, CA
Connecting with her Aging Mother

Before the robot, students who were out of sight, were out of mind. The Ohmni® robot really gives students agency like nothing else.

Dr. David Wicks

Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Chair of the Digital Education Leadership program in the School of Education, Seattle Pacific University


Brand it for your business.

Get an ultra-high resolution print of your Logo or image on the base of the robot. Our art-grade process prints on plexiglass for detail and durability. Ohmni® can also be fabricated in other colors upon request & availability.


Ohmni Specs

Ohmni Robot Specs Folded Front
Ohmni Robot Specs Folded Side
Ohmni Robot Specs Unfolded Side
Ohmni Robot Specs Unfolded Front
Height 56 inches (142.2 cm)
Base Footprint 13.9 x 17.2 inches (35.3 x 43.7 cm)
Charging Dock
Height 2.1 inches
Base 5.5 x 4.7 inches (14.0 x 11.9 cm)
Resolution 1280x800
Touch points 5 simultaneous
Panel type IPS
Processor Intel Atom X5 Z8350 1.92 GHz
Number of cores 4 Cores
Memory 2GB DDR3L
Storage 16 GB eMMC
USB ports 4 USB 2.0 A (full size)
1 USB 3.0 Micro B OTG
Video ports 1 HDMI
Speaker type 50mm Full Range Neodyne
Speaker range 250 HZ - 14kHz
Speaker volume 48dB volume range
Mic type 6mm Omnidirectional
Microphone range 100Hz - 10kHz
Folding hinge
Power button Illuminated, software on-off
Release Interlocking pull-to-release
Neck servo
Torque 12kgf-cm
Rotation speed 60 deg/sec
Encoder type 10-bit absolute
Protocol Serial multidrop, packet based
Standards IEEE802.11 ac/a/b/g/n
Encryption WPA/WPA-PSK,WPA2/WPA2-PSK. WPA-Enterprise (802.11x)
Battery system
Charge rate 20W
Cell protection Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Short circuit, Current limit, Cell failure
Cell balancing Yes
Battery chemistry LiFePO4
Battery capacity 95Wh
Runtime 4-5h at full load
Input 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Front camera (Supercam)
Sensor res 2MP
Maximum res 4208x3120
Streaming res 1280x960 (With real-time 3x superzoom to native 4K resolution)
Chroma RGB Bayer
Pixel size 3.0 micron
Sensor size 5865 x 3276 um
Nav camera
Sensor res 2MP
Maximum res 1920x1080
Streaming res 320x240
Chroma RGB Bayer
Pixel size 3.0 micron
Sensor size 5865 x 3276 um
Drive system
Motor power 2x 30W
Motor type Three phase brushless
Maximum speed 2 mph
Carrying capacity 20 lbs
E-brake Yes, automatically engaged
Stall detection Yes, automatic
Electronic torque limiting Yes
Encoder 14-bit/revolution absolute
Transmission 11:30 timing belt reduction
Protocol Serial multidrop, packet based

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