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Human – Centric Robots

Human-centric robotics is what drives us at OhmniLabs. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, we want to make sure that the most important factor – the everyday user – is not overlooked.

With each of our robots, we strive to improve the lives, careers, and communications of real people around the world.

What we do

Based in Silicon Valley, our team utilizes a fully in-house development & manufacturing model that ensures the highest of quality with unrivaled speeds. At OhmniLabs, we’re building a future where robotics can help people achieve outstanding efficiency every day.

Ohmni Telepresence

Natural, organic communication doesn’t have to be impeded by distance. Our award-winning telepresence robot facilitates organic engagement & conversation from anywhere in the world.

OhmniClean UV-C Disinfection

Providing safer, healthier spaces is more important than ever. From hospitals to schools and office buildings, our autonomous robot delivers thorough disinfection quickly and effectively.

Additive Manufacturing

Maximizing customer satisfaction, our proprietary in-house manufacturing farm allows for superior quality control with impeccable delivery time across every product we produce.

Ohmni Modular Platform

Tech-forward solutions can help anyone rise above the crowd. Our robust modular library and prototyping abilities let customers design, develop, & deploy their preferred robotic applications.

Why We Do It

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or so the old saying goes. But for OhmniLabs, distance created an opportunity for a breakthrough, when we began to develop what became our flagship product, the Ohmni telepresence robot. This award-winning technology has transformed the way people communicate and helped bridge distances in all types of sectors.

Since then, OhmniLabs has continued to expand its reach into new forms of human-centric robotics and released OhmniClean autonomous UV-C robot, that tackles the world of disinfection and creates a safer, healthier environment across healthcare, schools, commercial facilities, and more.

But our story is only getting started. We pride ourselves on operating in a state of constant innovation, always looking for ways that robotic and autonomous solutions can continue to improve the lives of people everywhere.


We develop indispensable human-centric robots and bring them mainstream.


Human Centric Robots connect and give people around the world access to better quality of life.


OhmniLabs™, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based robotics company focused on providing demand-driven robotics solutions for businesses. Founded in 2015 by robotics experts Jared Go and Tingxi Tan, as well as serial entrepreneur, Thuc Vu, OhmniLabs utilizes an ultra-lean development and manufacturing process, allowing for innovation at unmatched speeds, costs, and margins compared to other robotics companies

Dr. Thuc Vu

Co-Founder & CEO

Tingxi Tan

Co-Founder & CPO

Jared Go

Co-Founder & CTO

Our History

Continuous Growth

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Advisory Board

We are thankful for our advisors. They are leaders in their fields of robotics, AI, education, and others. Click on each advisor’s profile below to learn more.

James Kuffner, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer Of The Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development, Inc.

Dr. Manuela Veloso

Head Of Artificial Intelligence Research, J.P. Morgan

Matt DiMaria

Chief Executive Officer and President, Virtual Hold Technology, LLC

Lily Sarafan

Chief Executive Officer of Home Care Assistance

Mike Hodges

Chief Business Officer of Mojave Bio

Jonathan Goldman

Ex-Vice President of Data Now at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Darryl Burton

Policy And Product Lead, Center For Medicare & Medicaid Services

Mas Sakamoto

Advisory Partner At Benhamou Global Ventures

Robert Hisrich

Bridgestone Chair Of International Marketing, Director Of The Global Management Center And International Programs, College Of Business Administration, Kent State University

Poseidon Ho

Founder and Managing Partner, Outliers VC DAO

Our Customers

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