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OhmniClean™ UV Light Robot eliminates 99.999% of pathogens for safer, healthier spaces

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Hospital-grade Disinfection Made Easy

OhmniClean™ Robot uses UV-C light to make disinfection safe and simple


Disinfect with high efficacy, chemical-free

UV light disinfection has been proven by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as an effective and chemical-free way to kill COVID and other pathogens.

How effective is UV light disinfection robot?

Independent testing shows that OhmniClean™ 254nm UV-C solution rapidly eliminates pathogens like MRSA, VRE, P. aeruginosa, E. coli and SARS-CoV-2 with an efficacy of 99.999%.

Our solution is chemical-free, non-toxic and is more cost effective than maintaining HEPA HVAC systems.

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Deeper cleaning with less effort

OhmniClean™ combines UV disinfection with robotics for a more thorough and cost effective cleaning. It takes less than 15 minutes to disinfect a 3000 sq ft space, significantly reducing labor and capital costs compared to manual cleaning or stationary UV units.

How is OhmniClean™ UV-C Robot better at disinfecting?

Our autonomous robot gets closer to surfaces for maximum exposure in the shortest amount of time. OhmniClean™ automatically positions itself for the best UV light coverage, eliminating shadows cast by static UV units.

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Easy to setup and use

OhmniClean™ is easy to setup and requires very little training to start using. Our user friendly software means you can start disinfecting any space with one touch.

    How does OhmniClean™ UV-C Robot know where to disinfect?

    Our revolutionary Push-to-Map™ technology quickly and easily maps any room. Walk OhmniClean™ through your preferred route, and it will remember exactly where to go and what to disinfect. Mapping a 1000 sq ft room takes less than 5 minutes.


    Motion sensors, remote switches, and an active safety system

    Intelligent safety and reporting

    OhmniClean™ has motion sensors, remote switches, and an active safety system to ensure your team is safe when working with UV light. Detailed cleaning reports are available instantly to verify the effectiveness of your cleaning session.

    What are OhmniClean’s UV-C Robot reporting capabilities?

    After each session, immediately view reports and audit logs to ensure the safe and thorough disinfection of your space.

    No cords, all day power

    No messing with power cables. Our instant-swap lithium battery system means no downtime on your end. OhmniClean™ has the highest utilization rate among available disinfection robots.

    Instant-swap lithium battery system means no downtime.
    OhmniClean™ is the world’s lightest and most maneuverable high-power UV light robot

    Easy to transport and service

    At just 58 lbs, OhmniClean™ is the world’s lightest and most maneuverable high-power UV light robot. Our swappable modules allow for easy servicing, handling and transportation.

    Unparalleled customer support

    Experience the most customer-centric service that has supported thousands of OhmniLabs robots across 48 countries.

    Learn how OhmniClean™ UV-C Disinfection Robot will work for you

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    How Our OhmniClean™ UV-C Disinfection Robot Works

    Place OhmniClean™ in the space that needs to be cleaned.

    A cleaning staff checks off a security checklist and presses the start button.

    OhmniClean™ autonomously disinfects & sanitizes the space according to a cleaning routine defined by Push-to-Map™.

    The cleaning staff gets a notification once cleaning is done and a cleaning report is immediately available.

    OhmniClean™ is ready to be instantly re-deployed & clean the next space.

    OhmniClean™ Disinfection Robot Specifications


    Height: 78″
    Weight: 58 lbs
    Footprint: 14” W x 18” L
    Materials: Aluminum, UV-resistant plastic
    Color: Black


    Lamps: 8 x 75W high output 253nm UV-C lamps
    Output Power: 600W
    Cooling: Bulb cooling system for maximum output and lifetime


    Battery Life: 1hr on full load per Swappable Power Station
    Charging Time: 1hr per Swappable Power Station
    Runtime: Unlimited uptime with Instant-Swap technology
    Idle Time: >12hrs when not in use
    Input: 100-120V, 50-60Hz (220-240V versions available upon request)


    Autonomy: Fully autonomous mapping and cleaning
    Device Management: Role-based access, remote version control
    Reporting and Auditing: Detailed cleaning data and audit logs
    Network (Cleaning): Wi-Fi independent
    Network (Idle): Dual-band Wireless, 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n


    Passive Safety Systems: UV-C Reflector Cover, Physical Safety Plugs/Switch
    Active Safety Systems: Motion Sensors (Accelerometers etc.), Integrated Warning Signs, Remote Start/Stop Function

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    GDPR Compliant Badge

    Learn how OhmniClean™ will work for you

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