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Be There From Anywhere with a Robot for Senior Care

We’re always together.

These are unprecedented times. Our families need us now more than ever.

How can you continue to monitor the health and well-being of your spouse, mother or father in a nursing home when no visitors are permitted?

Ohmni® telepresence robots help families provide connection and comfort in a time of fear and uncertainty. Unlike other phone and video conferencing, our robots are operated remotely, giving families full control over the communication, even if their loved ones are incapacitated.

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Life that Ohmni® has saved

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Maintain Connection With a Robot for Senior Care

See how Ohmni’s robot for senior care lets you interact long-distance with your loved ones while letting them talk hands-free.


I got my Ohmni in December 2017, because I live 11,000 miles from my mother. It has helped us spend hours together. While FaceTime worked, Ohmni has been amazing. I was supposed to have traveled last week to visit her, but with COVID-19 I have had to postpone the trip. With Ohmni, we are still able to spend time together and it’s even more important, as she lives in a retirement village that has imposed very strict visit rules to protect the residents. The support team has been incredibly helpful over the years and it is the best thing I have EVER spent money on.

  Andrea Douglas Parent/Daughter

Telepresence for Seniors

9 Tips to Get Started

To get you and your family started using a telepresence robot with a senior, we’ve put together this short list of tips based on feedback from our users. Follow them and no time, you’ll feel like you’re all in the same room together. That is the magic of telepresence.

Stay Connected With a Robot for Senior Care

Instant Life-like Visits

You can still cook with Grandma in her kitchen, watch television together or show her that new dance her grandkids like to do. These interactions don’t have to end because of the current epidemic.

Move the conversation to where it is most comfortable and meaningful for the senior. Because life doesn’t happen in one room.



Easy to use, Private and Secure

For family members, Ohmni® is easy to drive using a laptop, computer or smartphone. For seniors, it’s the perfect solution because they remain completely hands-free. No fussing with a smartphone or computer to chat or video conference.

When not in use, Ohmni® respects the privacy of the seniors. The robots docks facing the wall and clearly announces when someone dials in. Ohmni® is also HIPAA compliant.

Capable & Affordable Robot for Senior Care

Through our robots, families can visit virtually to provide companionship and care in a way that no existing tools can match. Unlike expensive alternatives, our robots are designed from the ground up to be affordable for use with seniors and their families.


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Clients Love Our Robot for Senior Care

Don’t take our word for it, hear it from our customers!

We always love watching TV together… it was the first thing we did when we received our robot. The smile on my mom’s face was priceless! With Ohmni, mom doesn’t have to touch anything.
LCpl Andrew L.

US Military Personnel , Stationed in Japan

I bet so many people wish they had one with all this social distancing going on. I can imagine that once the pandemic is over, a lot of people will think about access to their grandparents and start to rethink how they do things.


Ohmni Owners with an 81 year-young Mother

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Made in the USA and shipped worldwide. Our robots are reasonably priced, fast and easy to set up and use, typically within minutes.