Transform Your Business With the Best-in-Class UV Disinfection Robot

How can commercial cleaning companies keep up with the increasing demand for disinfection? The answer is our OhmniClean UV disinfection robot. Grow your business and provide the highest-quality service with this innovative technology.

Better. Faster. Cleaner.

Our UV Disinfection Robot Gives You All Three

Scale your business and watch your revenue soar with a UV disinfection robot. This self-driving unit can quickly and efficiently disinfect any location — large or small — with just the touch of a button, freeing up time for your team to take on more jobs without needing additional labor.

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The OhmniClean™ UV Disinfection Robot Difference


Cover larger areas in less time compared to manual emitters, as 3,000 ft² can be disinfected in under fifteen minutes

UV-C Disinfection Robot

Slim, powerful 600W UV emitter that works in hotels, gyms, schools, and anywhere your services are needed


Compact, lightweight, and modular design makes for easy transportation to job sites and maneuverability between rooms

Reporting scaled

Real-time reports and tracking puts you in control and easily illustrates full compliance with health regulations

“The OhmniClean robot is incredibly easy to use. My team was able to get it up and running after just ten minutes of training. The robot’s autonomy allows our staff to clean multiple rooms while the robot disinfects other areas of a property. The whole process is quick and efficient.”


Hector Garcia

President of ProClean Janitorial

Kill Bacteria and Viruses Quickly

Wondering what UV can kill?
Eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses with UV light, which is proven to kill Coronavirus, C.Diff, MRSA, and VRE. OhmniClean UV disinfection robot autonomously moves close to surfaces with no manual repositioning required, so you can disinfect larger areas more quickly than stationary emitters.

Easy To Train, Setup and Operate

Worried that operating a robot would be complicated?
Our user-centric design means training and daily use of the OhmniClean is extremely easy. New users can be trained within 10 minutes. Setup and operation is stress-free as well. Unlike other UV disinfection robots that require engineers to map each new site, our solution uses QuickMap™, a proprietary technology that quickly and easily maps any new space within seconds. within seconds.

Made-in-USA, Low Maintenance, and Best-in-Class Support

Concerned about quality and maintenance?OhmniClean UV disinfection robot is designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley, USA. The modularized design makes it easy to transport and independently serviced on site without the hassle of shipping large packages. Our world-class customer support will provide you with white glove service for all your technical and business needs.

Key Components of OhmniClean™

Ease of Maintenance

Service OhmniClean quickly through replacement modules and component swaps.

Intelligent Reporting and Logging

Monitor & audit disinfection with instant cloud-based reports available on any device.

Mobile for Busy Environments

At only 59 lbs, easily move OhmniClean around busy hospitals, offices, or warehouses.

State-of-the-Art Safety

Protect staff from UV light with motion sensors and a proven, active safety system.

Powerful 600W UV-C Bulbs

Disinfect common pathogens with high efficacy within minutes, as tested by 3rd-party laboratories.

24/7 Continuous Operating Time

Maintain 24/7 availability with instant-swap batteries; remove any downtime from charging.

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