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Seeing is believing, so see for yourself how autonomous UV-C checks all the boxes.

√   Eliminates 99.99% of pathogens
√   Faster room turnover times
√   Quick, intuitive, and easy to use
√   Real-time alerts and reports
√   Built-in safety mechanisms
√   Flexible purchasing optionsReady to take your disinfection to the next level? Schedule your demo today!

How it works

How it works step 1

Place OhmniClean™ in the space that needs to be cleaned.

How it works step 2

A cleaning staff checks off a security checklist and presses the start button.

How it works step 3

OhmniClean™ autonomously disinfects & sanitizes the space according to a cleaning routine defined by QuickMap™.

step 4 OhmniClean

The cleaning staff gets a notification once cleaning is done and a cleaning report is immediately available.

How it works step 5

OhmniClean™ is ready to be instantly re-deployed & clean the next space.