Stay in control from anywhere with telepresence for manufacturing

Bypass today’s challenges and restrictions with mobile telepresence for manufacturing and virtual audits, corporate visits, and remote assistance.

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Mobile telepresence robots elevate your business, allowing you to move beyond the restrictions while minimizing risk and cost.

Virtual Audits & Inspections

Be onsite with a single click and experience an immersive virtual experience that surpasses video conferencing.

Telepresence for Manufacturing for Corporate Visits

Invite customers into your office, lab, or manufacturing facility when travel cost or restrictions prevent them from being there in person.

Remote Assistance With a Telepresence for Manufacturing

Support customers with interactive robots that let you see and hear exactly what is happening in a remote environment.



EPCOR uses Ohmni® Robot to provide customers with an immersive virtual inspection experience that surpasses video conferencing.

Customers take control of the robot and drive through EPCOR’s shop to inspect parts, communicate with engineers and mechanics about repair solutions and invite colleagues to join from their own remote locations.

Put your customers in the driver’s seat.

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“The outbreak of COVID-19 and its resulting impact to health systems around the country has created a new opportunity for all of us to rethink how we can deliver care on behalf of patients and practitioners… “These collaborations will serve an important model as we look ahead to the future of healthcare delivery.”

Save Time & Money With Telepresence for Manufacturing

Reduce the risk, hassle and cost of air travel with robotics. Prevent equipment downtime with remote audits and inspections. See for yourself how much you can save.


Average cost of international business trip. Domestic cost average is $1,425


The average cost per one hour of
equipment downtime


Per min/cost of production line downtime in the manufacturing industry

Keep your business moving forward with Ohmni® telepresence for manufacturing

Let us show you how other manufacturing leaders use our telepresence robots to maximize revenue while minimizing risk and cost.

Trailblazing Clients Using Telepresence for Manufacturing

Our clients are the real story behind our success!

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