Next-Generation Virtual Nursing Is Here

Start your virtual nursing journey with the most innovative solution on the market today.

What can a well-implemented virtual nursing program do for you?

Increased time for direct patient care

Improved practice and nurse satisfaction

Improved staff attraction and retention

Improved patient satisfaction

Improved throughput / LOS

Reduced admission and discharge time

Reduced documentation burden on bedside nurses

Enabled nurses to operate at the top of their license

Be a leader in virtual nursing and integrated care


The fastest & easiest way to get started on your virtual nursing program.

One device, multiple rooms, unlimited patient satisfaction.

OhmniCare is a robotic solution that delivers seamless virtual-to-bedside communication without adding additional burden to your team or budget.

Enhance patient interactions with lifelike video and sound, drive anywhere with one-click, and easily scale your virtual nursing program with no installations necessary.

Unite virtual and bedside teams effortlessly

Nurses can deliver patient care without relying on bedside nurses to move them around or call them in. Break free from walls, position yourself anywhere in a patient room.
Consultative Approach
Work hand-in-hand with our in-house experts for guidance from planning to go-live to long term program sustainability.

Awareness that goes beyond the patient room

Stay up-to-date on happenings across your hospital. Coordinate care with colleagues from anywhere in the unit with OhmniCare’s web-based fleet management and analytics system.

Go anywhere with a simple click

Robot autonomy automatically drives your nurses to where they need to be. Allow them to focus on patient care, no manual movement needed.

No Install Needed

Retrofitting rooms is expensive and means downtime and headaches. Drop OhmniCare into your workflow today. One robot, multiple rooms. Expand your reach, not your budget.

Big screen with Advanced audio = Natural Interaction

A high-def 21.5" display makes for organic, life-size conversation. Share your screen and video simultaneously for discharge education. Hear clearly with advanced audio technology.

“For change to happen… Hospitals need to be willing to invest in technology and support personnel to allow nurses to do what they were trained to do: care for the patient”

June Altaras,
RN. Executive Vice President and Chief Quality, Safety, and Nursing Officer at MultiCare Health System (Tacoma, Wash.)

See how others are using


Bedside Visits

Morrison Healthcare’s dietitians frequently faced the challenge of visiting patients in multiple locations, making it difficult to provide consistent and timely care. In response to this challenge, they adopted the Ohmni telepresence system as an innovative virtual care solution, allowing staff to provide care remotely from home or wherever they may be located. This program was a resounding success, offering a solution that not only saved costs but also reduced the need for on-site staff at every facility. Capitalizing on this achievement, they have since implemented the technology in over 14 hospitals across the United States and have plans to expand even further.


Patient Care

Lifebridge, an innovative high-quality healthcare network, began using Ohmni telepresence robots in their IT department to better facilitate training on a variety of tools they were implementing across their organization. Recognizing the potential of this technology, they expanded its use to enable virtual primary care, urgent care, triage, and mental health services. Due to their experience with Ohmni telepresence, Lifebridge now offers a multitude of virtual care solutions that not only enhance their team’s efficiency but also provide patients with a personalized and convenient care experience.




Nurse Training

The use of Ohmni telepresence is also revolutionizing the way staff training is conducted. For instance, a senior nurse, while remote, can virtually guide a trainee who is physically present at the bedside of a patient, ensuring compliance with medical procedures. The mobility of the telepresence robot allows for a highly personalized and up-close training session, making it far superior to traditional virtual setups using wall-mounted TVs and cameras, which lack the dynamic and interactive capabilities of the robot.


Patient Discharge

A major Texas health system was suffering from a lack of bedside nurses — in particular, when it came to discharging patients. However, by using a virtual solution, they were able to significantly reduce the time required per discharge by nearly 66%, allowing their small number of nurses to discharge more patients during any given shift.





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