Virtual Nursing: Streamlined Care Anytime, Anywhere

Relieve bedside burden, optimize nursing teams, and increase patient satisfaction with mobile telehealth robots.

Realizing Tangible Returns at Baptist Memorial Hospital

In two months of using OhmniCare, Baptist Memorial has:

➤ Delivered virtual care to over 400 patients.

➤ Saved a total of 701 hours of nurses’ time.

➤ Realized labor savings of $25,236.*

*based on estimated $36/hr nursing rate
+ estimated 15 mins of time saved per nurse-to-patient interaction after using OhmniCare.
Virtual nurses go where they’re needed. Tasks flow without interruption or waiting for bedside staff to move and setup equipment.
Lifelike design together with high-quality audio and video allows for more organic nurse-patient engagement and increased patient satisfaction.
Virtual nurses continuously move between team huddles, rounds, and other tasks with the autonomy provided by OhmniCare.

“They are able to autonomously navigate from room to room, to help see patients, do admissions, discharges, patient-education and assist the nurses in any way they need.”

Meredith Palfrey, Virtual Services Program Manager

The OhmniCare Advantage


Seamless Operational Flexibility

Engineered for superior mobility for effortless maneuvering in various environments, allowing nurses to perform virtual rounds with doctors, nurses, and other onsite staff.

Ohmni Direction Pin Wayfinder

Effortless Point-of-Care Navigation

Send the robot directly to point-of-care with just one click, streamlining the process to ensure timely and efficient care delivery.

Ohmni Direction Pin Wayfinder

Advanced Visual Analysis

Equipped with a high-definition camera featuring a 5x zoom for unparalleled visibility, allowing for detailed patient assessments even from a distance.

Ohmni Direction Pin Wayfinder

Immersive Interactive Engagement

Features a 21.5-inch screen that offers life-like interaction with clear visuals, making it easier for patients to connect and engage with the virtual nurse.


Clarity in Every Conversation

Advanced audio technology delivers unencumbered sound, ensuring that every instruction is communicated effectively without any misunderstandings.


AI-Powered Workload Reduction

Support for advanced AI applications like AI translation, AI digital scribing or AI-enabled discharges, allowing nurses to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

See what else OhmniCare can do

Efficiency, Empowerment, and Excellence with OhmniCare

Enhance Virtual Nurse Autonomy

Virtual nurses can fully manage their interactions for improved responsiveness and care quality.

Decrease Readmissions

Virtual discharge strategies can reduce readmission rates and associated costs.

Promote Flexible Work Environments

Overcome staffing shortages and improve retention by accommodating desires for work-life balance.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Deliver faster, more tailored care to enhance patient and family experiences.

Improved Medication Compliance

Extended educational efforts help patients better adhere to their medication schedules.

Low Cost, Easy Implementation

The system can be operational within two weeks without extensive hardware installations.

The Executive’s Guide to Virtual Nursing Technology

Written with healthcare leaders in mind, this whitepaper delivers comprehensive insights into implementing a successful virtual nursing program.

Understand why virtual nursing is critical in today’s healthcare landscape to address evolving patient care needs.

Examine the diverse technologies of virtual nursing and explore their integration into existing workflows.

Learn why mobile telehealth robots are a superior solution, providing unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

Explore the innovative
technologies shaping virtual
nursing in our white paper.