Virtual Dietitian: Deliver In-Person Quality Consultations from Anywhere

OhmniCare’s mobility lets dietitians conduct thorough, room-to-room consultations, replicating an in-person experience for stronger patient-dietitian bonds.

Expand Dietitian Reach and Efficiency with OhmniCare

Cost-Effective Virtual Dietitian Services

Break Geographical Barriers to Provide High-Quality, Personalized Consultations from Anywhere

Due to an increasing shortage of RDs, it is common for one dietitian to be responsible for multiple facilities. This results in time-consuming and expensive travel, making service delivery less efficient.

OhmniCare addresses this issue by allowing a virtual dietitian to be present in several places simultaneously without ever leaving their desk. This saves time and money while still providing personalized consultations with clients.

Enriched Patient Experience and Show Rates

Experience Seamless, In-Person Quality Service with Advanced Mobility and High-Definition Audio & Video

Traditional telehealth setups not only make for inorganic communication, they also depend on patients answering calls via telephone or tablet device.

With OhmniCare, the virtual dietitian uses the robot to enter the patient’s room, creating an experience akin to an in-person visit. And the robot’s mobility with high-quality audio & video make for a more natural, organic experience.

How Morrison Healthcare Nutrition Teams Use OhmniCare To Boost Patient Care

“ The telepresence robot helps us get patients discharged more efficiently with the increase in dietitian contact, which positively impacts room turnover. Even a few minutes shaved off the process can make the lives of everyone involved in the patient’s care easier. ” 

“ We serve one particular healthcare system, comprised of three different hospitals spread out across rural Texas. With the aid of the Ohmni robots, we’re able to have just two dietitians available for all three facilities, which would have been infeasible if not for the assistance of telepresence. ”

“ Visual inspection not only enriches our service quality in the inpatient setting but also enables us to meet insurance reimbursement criteria for our consultations, ensuring our services remain accessible and affordable. ”

Advanced Technology for Superior Virtual Dietitian Consultations


Seamless Operational Flexibility

Engineered for superior mobility for effortless maneuvering in various environments, allowing the virtual dietitian to perform comprehensive, room-to-room assessments.

Ohmni Direction Pin Wayfinder

Effortless Point-of-Care Navigation

Send the robot directly to point-of-care with just one click, streamlining the process to ensure timely and efficient consultations.

Ohmni Direction Pin Wayfinder

Advanced Visual Analysis

Equipped with a high-definition camera featuring a 5x zoom for unparalleled visibility, allowing for detailed patient assessments even from a distance.

Ohmni Direction Pin Wayfinder

Immersive Interactive Engagement

Features a 21.5-inch screen that offers life-like interaction with clear visuals, making it easier for patients to connect and engage with the virtual dietitian.


Clarity in Every Conversation

Advanced audio technology delivers unencumbered sound, ensuring that every instruction and piece of advice is communicated effectively without any misunderstandings.


AI-Powered Workload Reduction

Support for advanced AI applications like digital scribe, streamlining the consultation process and allowing the virtual dietitian to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

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