Telepresence Robot Reimagined: Enhanced Remote Communication with Ohmni

A fully mobile telepresence robot that combines high-def video with crystal-clear audio for seamless and engaging remote collaboration. With obstacle avoidance and easy access from anywhere, Ohmni is setting a new standard for communication.

Connecting the World: Our Telepresence Robot in Action

See how our innovative telepresence robot bridges distances, enabling smooth and engaging remote communication. Watch the video to explore its features and real-world applications.

Why Our Telepresence Robot is the Right Choice for You

We design our robots with your success in mind, offering exceptional performance and support every step of the way.

made in america1

Made in America

Our robots are proudly manufactured in Silicon Valley, ensuring the highest quality and bypassing supply chain issues.


Expedited Lead Time

With onsite manufacturing and fast shipping, you can receive and start using your telepresence robot in about a week.

Ohmni Telepresence robot Exceptional Customer Support

Exceptional Customer Support

Take advantage of our dedicated customer support team, always ready to assist you with any needs or questions.

Our telepresence robot Proven-Performance-Across-Industries

Proven Performance Across Industries

Our telepresence robots are trusted by numerous satisfied customers across a wide range of industries.

Ohmni telepresence robot is the optimal height for standing or seated conversations.

Human Height – Natural Interaction

At 4’8” tall, Ohmni telepresence robot is the optimal height for standing or seated conversations.


Tilting Neck – Maximum Freedom

Smooth, fluid, and responsive neck gives you unrestrained views and feels more natural than a fixed screen of an iPad robot. 130° tilt range allows you to easily see from the floor to the ceiling.

Hear and be heard no matter where you are.

15W professional-grade, full-range speaker and beamforming quad-mic array with advanced audio algorithms give your telepresence robot crystal-clear audio in even the noisiest of environments — from loud classrooms to busy factory floors.

Crystal-clear audio with our telepresence robot
High-def video with our telepresence robot

See the world just like you’re there.

Two high-def cameras combine with powerful CPU and graphics processing to create an unmatched, best-in-class remote presence experience solution.

Get connected and stay connected.

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 5 technology allows your telepresence robot to move freely through large locations like schools, conference floors, warehouses, and offices with uninterrupted connectivity.

Your telepresence robot stays connected with enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6
Our upgraded Ohmni Pro telepresence robot lets you drive confidently

Drive with confidence in any environment.

Intelligent drive with advanced collision avoidance makes driving a breeze. Unlike a standard iPad robot or FaceTime robot, our obstacle sensing and automatic speed adjustments help any user navigate their surroundings with ease.

*only available on Ohmni Pro
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The 5 best telepresence robots: Super-charge remote work

The best telepresence hardware to go beyond video conferencing and make remote work truly collaborative.

“Best Budget Telepresence Robot”

Revamped and Upgraded Design

Brand new 2022 edition elevates your telepresence robot experience to the next level

Professional-Grade Telepresence Robot

A telepresence robot is ideal for use in offices, factories, warehouses, universities, hospitals, and stores

Made in the USA

Designed together with customers from Fortune 100 companies and proudly built in Silicon Valley

Drive Communication Forward with a Telepresence Robot

Tried and Trusted

Ohmni Outshines the Competition

With unrivaled features and exceptional performance, Ohmni leads the way in telepresence robot technology. See how Ohmni stands above the competition and why it’s the preferred solution for businesses looking to enhance their remote communication and collaboration.

Visual Field
Battery Runtime
Third-party Video Conferencing Integration
Collaboration & Sharing
Fleet Management
Ohmni Pro
Application and navigation cameras
Floor-to-ceiling camera tilt
15 watts
Beamforming with echo cancellation
Five hours
Unlimited share links, multiple user accounts, screen sharing, customizable visitor experience, call-out enabled
SSO, Call quality reports, user management, branded sub domains and user interface, customizable pre-call messages, customizable standby screen, programmatic APIs, onsite TURN servers
Application cameras only
No camera tilt
8 watts
Four hours
One visitor pass, multiple user accounts, screen sharing
SSO, Call quality reports, user management, branded sub domains and user interface, programmatic APIs

Lightweight + Foldable

Take Anywhere

At only 25 lbs, Ohmni robots can be carried with one hand or put in a car.

Fully Integrated

Sets Up in Seconds

No assembly required. No external tablet needed.
Simply unbox, unfold, and turn on.

Imagine being anywhere in the world and still offering the invaluable personal touch that sets your business apart. With the Ohmni telepresence robot, distance becomes a mere concept, not a constraint. This is the future of communication, and a telepresence robot will ensure your business remains ahead of the curve.

You’ll elevate your operations while setting new benchmarks in customer engagement. A telepresence robot creates a new dimension of customer interaction for unparalleled convenience and fortified relationships.

By adding this innovative tool to your business, you can harness its transformative potential to enhance your brand’s reputation, amplify efficiency, extend your global reach, and witness unprecedented growth. The Ohmni telepresence robot is the future of impactful and lasting business communication.

Glide-drive Technology

A stable, 3-wheel base with 30W brushless motors smoothly drive your robot up to 2 mph. Large 6” wheels handle obstacles and floor transitions up to 0.5”.

Magdock Telepresence Robot

A charging system with magnetic contacts and computer vision to automatically dock Ohmni. A fully charged battery provides up to 5 hours of call time.

No Apps, Access from Anywhere

Unlike a FaceTime robot, Ohmni telepresence robots can be controlled from a web browser on any mobile, desktop or laptop device without needing to download or install any apps.

Ohmni Pro No Software to download-min

Ohmni + Zoom*

Join any Zoom meeting to allow all participants to see and hear through Ohmni.

*additional software package required

Ohmni Pro Integrate with your meetings-min

Brand It for Your Business

Personalize your telepresence robot with an ultra-high resolution print of your logo or any image on the base of the robot. Our art-grade process prints on plexiglass for detail and durability.

Ohmni Pro Custom Tops-min

A telepresence robot can open up a world of possibilities for remote interaction and has numerous use cases across a variety of industries. We’re always excited to see the innovative ways our customers use this technology.


Distance Learning

Senior Care