Be there in one click.
From anywhere in the world.

Be there in one click.
From anywhere in the world.

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For Consumers

Forever transform how you stay connected to family miles away.

It’s a totally different experience from Skype or Facetime since you can move around as if you were there.

Just put Ohmni where you can’t be. One click and you are instantly there, hassle free. Focus on what really matters – spending great time together.

For Home Health Providers

Visit your clients instantly – safely and privately.

Lower your per visit costs by getting to your clients without windshield time.

Raise client satisfaction by offering services that get you there when needed. Help your staffing shortages by improving efficiencies.

Proven to help client loneliness, isolation and depression. Effective for acute care, chronic diseases, palliative care, hospice and more.



“Rosie, the robot from ‘The Jetsons’, has arrived.”

Constance Gustke, New York Times

“The Ohmni telepresence robot has already helped one man save his mother’s life.”

Kelly McSweeney, ZDNet

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Closer, Happier, Healthier

We know how hard it is to be there for aging parents when they live on their own. Traveling is tiring and costly. Video chat on a tablet or phone is unreliable.

When you can't reach them, you worry.

Ohmni makes calling always possible, zero hassle for both sides, and feels like you're right there with them.


Pure simplicity

Here's how it works. Buy Ohmni for your parents and set it up in a corner of the house or apartment. Ohmni sits on the charging dock all the time so it's always ready to go.


1. Call in with one click

Log in from our website. You'll see your Ohmni robots. Click on one to call in. No one needs to answer on the other side. Ohmni announces your arrival so the people on the other side know you're there.


2. Enjoy hanging out together

Drive and look around easily using the arrow keys, mouse or touchpad. Roll up to the kitchen or dinner table, or over to the sofa. Join in with whatever's going on.


3. When you’re done, dock

Drive near the dock and press a button to autodock. Ohmni parks itself! The magnetic contacts lock in and the light turns blue to indicate charging. Ready for the next call!


“The robot is a godsend, it’s just like I am there with her. I can’t praise the product enough. It’s so simple, so incredibly simple.”

NANCY ZASLOVE, owner of Eiko’s Sushi in Napa Valley, CA.
Using Ohmni to connect with her aging mom


Get the feeling of actually being there

Ohmni is specifically built to amplify human presence. We tested generations of prototypes to hit upon the right combination of hardware, software, and design.

Human height and fluid moving neck gives you the most natural view of the world.

moving neck

MotionMap control interface pulls everything together and makes it feel really human.

easy driving



Easy driving interface

Control from any browser or Android phone

driving interface

Amazing video and audio

Dual ultra wide angle cameras and far field mic with powerful speaker.

video and audio


Effortless setup

Fully assembled and ready to go out of the box.
WiFi can be pre-programmed before shipping.

effortless setup


Smooth and silent motion on any surface

GlideDrive technology is virtually silent.
Large front wheels to handle any cables, small bumps, or rugs.


Light and portable

Only 18 pounds. Bring it out on the patio or upstairs.
Or fold it up and take it around in your car.


Ultra-long battery life

5 hours in call + autodocking = never worry about keeping it charged.


The #OhmniExperience

The most amazing thing about Ohmni is what people do with it.


“It makes it a lot easier than driving down there – I can hop on here and spend time with her. Literally sometimes I call when there’s a close Giants game on, and I’ll sit right there next to her, and watch the game with her.”

– Evan G.

“I live over 1000 miles from my 94 year old grandma and now I can have a face to face chat over dinner or have her see her great grand daughter dance and sing! One thing I also notice is that my conversations with my grandma are 10-20x longer.”

– Ping Y.

“Ohmni to me is like my own personal teleportation device! Sitting at home in Seattle, I can visit my grandpa in Taiwan, 6,000 miles away, anytime. I watch ball games with him on TV and walk in the yard with him just like I was there in his house.”

– Peter Wu


Amazing possibilities

Have more fun and do the stuff you miss.
Don't let distance be a barrier.

Shipping Q1 2018
30 day money back guarantee

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