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Our flagship product, the Ohmni® Robot, is an award-winning telepresence robot that transforms how people connect, from their homes, businesses, classrooms, to hospitals.

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Ohmni® Robot

Our Ohmni® Robot is an award-winning telepresence robot that transforms how people connect, from their homes, businesses, classrooms and hospitals.

For Developers

Developer friendly, affordable, open, and modifiable. Along with powerful cloud development API, hardware and extensible software that lets you go.

Modular Robotics Platform

OhmniLabs is reinventing traditional robotics development from concept to deployment. Learn more about Ohmni Modular Robotics Platform today.

Connect Beyond Physical limitations

From across the building or across the globe, Ohmni® Robot allows you or visitors to jump in and go instantly enabling immersive face-to-face video calls with just one click.

Be onsite with a single click


Laptops and webcams don’t work on the floor. Mobile robots get the job done.

The future of work


You’ve always wanted more freedom! Keep driving your business forward with Ohmni.

Empower your students


Achieves better education outcomes with Ohmni. We’ve done the math, telepresence saves you money.

Care beyond the walls


Connect beyond limitations. Ohmni is a proven and effective way to support patients virtually.

We’re always together

Senior Care

Ohmni helps families provide connection and comfort in a time of fear and uncertainty.

Meet Our Partners

Ohmni Modular Robotics Platform

Want to create your own custom robot? OhmniLabs can help with Ohmni Modular Robotics Platform, our end-to-end solution that allows you to create robotics applications at unmatched cost and speed. Leverage our modular library, proprietary processes, and years of robotics expertise to bring your new robotics application to the market quickly and efficiently.

Ohmni Cloud Solutions

Best-in-class Fleet Management

Ohmni Cloud Solutions is a software and services subscription that provides enterprise-level features to help you better deploy and manage your Ohmni Robot fleet.

Who will benefit from Ohmni Cloud Solutions?

Anyone using 2 or more Ohmni Robots  will benefit from the additional data and management features easily accessible through the graphic-rich dashboard. 


Practical Solutions to Today’s Healthcare Challenges


Our heroes rise to overcome challenges, and deserve creative solutions that will protect them and empower them to provide tomorrow’s care today.


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Why Ohmni?

Made in the USA and shipped worldwide. Ohmni robots are reasonably priced, fast and easy to set up and use, typically within minutes.