Enhance your student’s educational experience with a distance learning robot.

Improve learning outcomes and give students full agency in their education. Our distance learning robot provides a creative, inclusive environment for students to stay engaged, learn from anywhere, and get ahead of the ever-changing landscape of education.

Ohmni® Helps Kids Stay Connected to School

Extended school absences can leave students feeling lonely and isolated. Learn how 6-year-old Ayla stays connected with her classmates using Ohmni®. The results are remarkable.

K-12 students in the US who miss considerable amounts of school time

Typical number of hours for home instruction using tutors


Number of hours of classroom instruction using telepresence

Navigate Better Outcomes With Telepresence

Students Fare Better

Provide equal access to learning and socialization through telepresence.

Resource Efficient

No need for custom curriculum or additional resources beyond the robot.


We’ve done the math, telepresence saves you money.

Before the robot, students who were out of sight, were out of mind. The Ohmni Robot really gives students agency like nothing else.


Dr. David Wicks

Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Chair of the Digital Education Leadership Program in the School of Education, Seattle Pacific University

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Ohmni® is built for schools.

Ohmni® Robot is built for schools. Made in the US with utmost commitment to protecting student privacy.

Stay Connected With Ohmni® Robot

A Homerun for Homebound Instruction

Facilitate the kind of learning and connection that achieves better education outcomes. Students feel empowered by their independence as they control their robot in the classroom and continue with their studies as if they were there.



Add Up the Savings

Our 3D-printed robots are designed as a low-cost solution to telepresence in the classroom and very affordable compared to hiring in-home tutors. Buy one and deploy as needed to solve your homebound instruction needs.

A Seamless Solution

We integrate seamlessly into the classroom experience, allowing teachers to teach and students to learn in the same way they always have without the need to coordinate and manage home-based tutors, saving time and money.


Ohmni Free Grants Guide Distance Learning

Grants for Distance Learning Free Guide

Detailed list of Government and Private Grants to help get telepresence robots into your classroom. Ohmni® Telepresence Robot qualifies for Cares Act and HEERF grants.

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See for yourself the power of Ohmni telepresence.

Surpass Video Conferencing With A Feature-Rich Solution

Real-Time Navigation

Unlike Skype or Zoom, students independently drive our Ohmni® telepresence robots in real-time, allowing them to interact with teachers and friends as if they are physically present while reducing the workload on the teacher to continually be monitoring and repositioning a laptop during instruction.

4k Camera + Superzoom

Our robot’s 4K camera with 13-megapixel Snapshot and Superzoom make it easy for students to read chalkboards, whiteboards and printed materials.

Tilting Neck Floor-to-ceiling

Thanks to MotionMap technology, students can fully control the Ohmni® robot’s neck with a mouse or touchpad, allowing complete floor-to-ceiling views.

Light-Weight and Portable

Because education has no limits, our Ohmni® telepresence robot’s 18 lb collapsible frame can be easily transported within and outside the classroom.

Safe and Easy Setup

Our robot’s stable base means safe driving. Plus, our robot doesn’t need extra software – simply unbox, unfold, and connect to get started. Anyone can control Ohmni® from mobile or desktop.

Privacy is Paramount

Our Ohmni® telepresence robot features peer-to-peer encryption so that all video and audio is encrypted using the latest media encryption standards.

Convenient Admin Hub

Thanks to our Admin Hub, it’s easy to keep track of your Ohmni’s users, average call time, hours of usage and more. Reporting to other staff, teachers and parents couldn’t be easier.

One Click Sharing

Easily share Ohmni® navigation with anyone through an email invitation. They’ll receive a notification right away and can connect in seconds..

An Affordable Solution

We manufacture our robots right here in California using innovative 3D printing technology. That means Ohmni® is 2 to 5 times less expensive than other robots and more affordable for you.

Client Love

Don’t take our word for it hear it from our customers!

Our Benjamin is 7 years old now and he has spinal muscular atrophy which makes him unable to move around but it doesn’t affect his cognitive ability. So interaction with other kids at school is a critical thing for him to feel like a normal kid.
Kevin and Melissa Moss

Parent Hero

“The telepresence robots stand in the classrooms of sick kids and connect them. By putting robots in their classrooms, we are enabling sick students to see and hear their teachers and classmates, in real-time, and be seen and heard.”
Megan Gilmour

Co-founder and Executive Director, Missing School

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Staying Connected Through Dynamic Collaboration

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