Enhance productivity and increase employee engagement with a remote work robot.

Free your team from the restraints of standard video calls. Ohmni’s remote work robot lets you drive around the office, interact with co-workers, and fully participate in company projects.


of employees want to work hybrid with 2 workdays per week at home




of people cited commuting as their top reason to prefer working from home




increased productivity with hybrid work

70 min/day are spent commuting. With hybrid work, 30 minutes are returned back to work



Just like being there in person

Empower your team with effective collaboration no matter where they’re located. They can roam from office to office, control what they see during a meeting, conduct inspections, and even join team members for a bit of fun. Group lunches, quick coffee breaks, or a playful race down the hall — an Ohmni remote work robot creates an outstanding workplace experience for all workers, both on-site and remote.

Surpass Video Conferencing with a Feature-rich Solution

Feels like you’re right there

Connect naturally with the 4k camera and wide-angle view. Present from any remote location. You will never feel left out.


Reduce your travel cost to $0.

Save time for anyone in your business ecosystem

Employees, customers, vendors, or others don’t need to spend time traveling to meetings. Just have them log in to the robot and start working.

Dynamic team collaboration

Drive from one meeting to another room, engage with peers at the coffee corner, or have lunch with your co-workers.

Admin Hub

Thanks to our Admin Hub, it’s easy to keep track of your Ohmni’s users, average call time, hours of usage, and more. Reporting to other staff, teachers, and parents couldn’t be easier.

360° Tours and Audits

Expand your view with full mobility and floor-to-ceiling tilting neck.

Advanced Features for Exceptional Remote Work

High-definition video and audio

Crystal clear communication from anywhere

Unrivaled customer support

Robust support team standing by to help

Whisper-quiet operation

Glide-drive tech can traverse any surface

Lightweight and portable

Only 20 lbs. and foldable for easy transport

Full mobility and tilting neck

Untethered video calls for company interaction

End-to-end encryption

Maximum security for your communications

Ohmni vs. Video Conferencing

Freedom to move through a remote space.
Superior audio quality to hear and be heard from across the room.
Ultra-responsive, tilting neck to maximize field of view.
Have a physical presence in a remote location.
Doesn't require another device to connect with others.
Move around with confidence thanks to HD wide-angle cameras.
No app to download.

 There’s a big difference between asking a colleague to pick up the phone and simply rolling into their office with a question. OhmniLabs, changed the way we communicated. I could show my coworkers exactly what I was talking about.

Namson Pham

Lubin Pham + Caplin, LLP

Case Study

Learn how a lawyer stays engaged when away!

“Ohmni provides us with the flexibility and freedom to meet in various spaces at the simple click of a button”

Nicola Corzine

Executive Director ,NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center

“I regularly travel all over the world but if I need to check in with my team at our Tokyo office, I can connect with one click to Ohmni. This enables me to easily visit team members and attend meetings even when I’m not physically there. It is exciting to experience a glimpse of office mobility technology of the future, particularly relevant given the COVID-19 global situation.”

James Kuffner

CEO, Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development Board of Directors, Toyota Motor Corporation

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