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This week’s Feature Friday discusses Ohmni call modes. Learn how to best use these modes for increased privacy and security.

Today, being anywhere in the world is as easy as picking up your phone or opening your laptop. We know this because that’s how easy it is to use Ohmni. We understand that while accessibility is convenient, there should be some barriers for the sake of privacy and security.

Keeping this concept in mind, our OhmniLabs Team made it a key feature in the development of Ohmni. The solution our team came up with was 2 Call Modes (and more in progress!):

1. Drop-In — This is the default Call Mode used by Ohmni. Callers will have the ability to call and connect, but they will be announced through Ohmni’s speakers. This is similar to someone having a key to your house. Upon entering, they will make their presence known. 

2. Do Not Disturb — This option must be manually selected, as well as manually turned off. This setting will alert callers that Ohmni is not accepting calls. 

At the moment, these call modes were put into place for the privacy of those who have Ohmni in their homes. Stay tuned as our team works to implement more Call Modes throughout our updates.  
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