Reduce HAIs & increase patient safety with the premier UV-C disinfection solution

Make Patients Feel Safer At Your Hospital

We know you take HCAHPS and SIR scores very seriously. Let us help you achieve your patient safety and satisfaction goals with OhmniClean, a proven UV-C disinfection solution that has been designed together with EVS teams and operators at top hospitals.

Every year in the United States, more than a half-million people get health care-associated infections (HAIs) while they’re being treated at a hospital for other health problems.

Reference: Magill, S.S. et al. (2018). Changes in Prevalence of Health Care–Associated Infections in U.S. Hospitals. New England Journal of Medicine, 379, 1732-1744. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1801550.

Disinfection – No Longer Behind The Scenes

Due to the pandemic, environmental services, infection prevention, and infection control all play an even greater role in patient safety and experience.

Turnaround time really matters.
Median OR turnaround time was 28.5 minutes.

Staffing resources are limited.
High turnover leads to inconsistent disinfection.

Patients value disinfection.
More than ever, prevalent disinfection helps patients feel safe and comfortable.

Effective disinfection requires strict protocols.
Non-compliance results in compromised disinfection.

Visibility is key.
Hospital leadership needs tangible data to make decisions.

What Makes OhmniClean Different

50% reduction in turnover time for ORs and patient rooms

60% reduction in costs compared to other leading UV-C disinfection systems

Lightweight with a small footprint. Loved by EVS teams on how easy it is to use

Real-time alerts and instant reports puts EVS managers in control

Reduce HAIs and improve your Leapfrog hospital safety grade today.

Keep C.Diff, MRSA, and VRE at bay with our autonomous UV-C disinfection robot

Are you worried about how well your team is cleaning the patient-care environment?
Not all UV-C disinfection is equal. See how a robotic solution – coupled with auditable dosimeter reporting – can increase disinfection efficacy, minimize human errors, and reduce turnaround time at your hospital.

Manage costs with an easy-to-train and use system

Is your current disinfection solution costly and difficult to use?
We understand that hospital budgets can be tight. That is why we designed OhmniClean to be affordable and require minimal maintenance. New staff members can be trained to fully operate the robot within 10 minutes, providing consistency even with high staff turnover rates.

Be in control of your disinfection routine

Are you struggling to get your EVS team to reliably disinfect?
OhmniClean has a 100% electronic workflow with real-time notifications and activity tracking to ensure protocol compliance.

Is your current UV-C equipment hard to handle?
At ⅕ the weight of other UV-C robots, OhmniClean is ultralight and easy and safe for staff to move around. A compact footprint means it can fit into tight spaces, so every inch of your OR is properly disinfected.

Key Components of


IUVA Member   IUVA Member

Intelligent Reporting and Logging

Monitor & audit disinfection with instant cloud-based reports available on any device.

Ease of Maintenance

Service OhmniClean quickly through replacement modules and component swaps.

24/7 Continuous Operating Time

Maintain 24/7 availability with instant-swap batteries; remove any downtime from charging.

Powerful 600W UV-C Bulbs

Disinfect common pathogens with high efficacy within minutes, as tested by 3rd-party laboratories.

State-of-the-Art Safety

Protect staff from UV light with motion sensors and a proven, active safety system.

Mobile for Busy Environments

At only 58 lbs, easily move OhmniClean around busy hospitals, offices or warehouses.

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