The Future of Hospital Disinfection is Automation

When you’re on the frontlines of the battle against harmful pathogens, you need the most powerful tools available for hospital disinfection.

The world is evolving. Hospital disinfection is no longer behind the scenes.

You’re handling more hospital disinfection requests, but you aren’t getting an increase in staff. The answer is automation. OhmniClean combines cutting-edge AI + autonomous driving with serious UV-C power to quickly destroy C.Diff, MRSA, and VRE.

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Fight against C.Diff, MRSA, and VRE pathogens in your hospital by eliminating 99.99% of microorganisms in minutes.

Unlike manual UV-C units, OhmniClean drives itself around the space being disinfected, bringing the light source up close to each and every surface. This allows the killing dose to be achieved in a fraction of the time.

By using autonomous navigation to move a UV-C light source from 6 feet away to 1 foot away, the power hitting that surface increases by 36x. Any hospital room – patient rooms, operating rooms, cath labs, isolation rooms, etc. – can be disinfected faster and better.

Prepare your hospital for the future.

With product design optimized by working alongside real EVS teams, OhmniClean empowers you to meet the challenges of hospital disinfection today and tomorrow.

OhmniClean-EVT-mapping hospital disinfection

Unrivaled Performance

Autonomy means efficiency. Proven power of 254nm UV light combined with incredibly advanced robotics to handle all your disinfection needs.

EVT-mapping hospital disinfection

Ultimate Flexibility

Go beyond just patient rooms and operating rooms. Autonomy means you can disinfect any new areas of the hospital with ease.

OhmniClean-EVT hospital disinfection

Endless Innovation

The product of choice for innovative EVS teams. Future-proof and constantly improving to meet the evolving world of disinfection.

Designed to Simplify Hospital Disinfection

Slim Footprint by Comparison hospital disinfection

Slim Footprint

Hospitals are busy places with tight spaces. From cramped storage facilities to operating rooms that need to be cleared out in seconds, your equipment needs to be easily stored and effortlessly moved.

Ultra Lightweight by Comparison hospital disinfection

Ultra Lightweight

A revolutionary design, OhmniClean is only 59 lbs – 1/6th the weight of other solutions – and has a small footprint that allows it to be used anywhere, whether entering compact bathroom stalls or navigating around complicated operating room equipment.

True consistency means real results.

UV light disinfection is powerful, but how can you measure its true impact? The key is consistency. Other solutions can give you the number of cycles run in a room. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

OhmniClean has in-room position tracking, so it knows – down to the inch – where it is in a room at every second of disinfection, so you can verify that surfaces are properly dosed. True compliance is automatic and easy.



QuickMap. You're in the driver's seat.

Most autonomous robots need an engineer to come out and pre-map every space that the robot is used. And if it’s not properly mapped, it can’t disinfect. That’s expensive, time-consuming, and limits your options.

QuickMap is our proprietary technology that gives you and your operators the ability to map and create a disinfection plan for any room in seconds. A new hospital wing opening? No problem. Need to disinfect temporary isolation rooms in another building? Easily done. You’re in control.

High tech. Made easy.

We want EVS teams to be happy. They’re on the frontlines of the battle against deadly pathogens and will use the robot every day, so it must be easy and reliable.

To make this happen, we spent countless hours doing late-night disinfections with EVS operators, fine-tuning the process, and managed to make this innovative technology super easy.

In our hospital studies, EVS staffs rate OhmniClean 10/10 across areas like ease of transport, ease of setup, ease of usage, and ease of take down.

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OhmniClean SMS Messages - hospital disinfection

Seamless workflow

We’ve seen different hospital disinfection teams try to integrate UV disinfection systems into their workflow and it required lots of paper binders, manual tracking, phone tag, and wasted effort.

But OhmniClean is different, as we can seamlessly integrate with your EHR or clinical communications system. Whether you’re dispatching work orders via EPIC or want real-time SMS or internal notifications when a disinfection starts or finishes, we’ll make it work for you.

You can also get fleet-wide disinfection status of any device at any time through our cloud portal.