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OhmniLabs was recently selected to join other Vietnamese startups to provide solutions in the fight against COVID-19 (coronavirus). Learn more about our involvement.

40 Vietnamese startups provide online technology solutions to combat COVID-19

Translated from Vietnamese

As of April 2, Project 844 of the Ministry of Science and Technology presided over has received more than 45 solutions from 40 Vietnamese startups to join hands to repel COVID-19.                                                                                  

 Project 844 (fully known as the Project supporting the national innovation start-up ecosystem) was signed and issued by the Prime Minister on May 18, 2016. The Ministry of Science and Technology is the department in charge of project implementation.


There are 45 projects in 3 categories: 1) group providing solutions for direct handling of epidemics online, 2) support groups for people affected by isolation or having to restrict travel and 3) groups for providing solutions to support businesses in the epidemic season.

This article was originally published in Vietnam Biz.  To view the full article about how OhmniLabs fights COVID-19 along with other companies, click the button below.


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