How to Safely Disinfect with a UV Robot

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When using a UV robot for disinfection, safety measures must be in place to prevent accidental exposure.

Safety is always our top priority. That’s why when designing our UV robot, OhmniClean, we made sure to include a variety of advanced safety measures to protect people from exposure to UV-C light. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of safe practices when using UV disinfection and how OhmniClean utilizes state-of-the-art systems to prevent accidental exposure.

UV Light Effects on Humans

While UV-C is a great choice for disinfection – with real scientific data showing why –  it must be handled with proper care in order to be done so safely. As stated by the FDA, “Direct exposure of skin and eyes to UVC radiation from some UVC lamps may cause painful eye injury and burn-like skin reactions.” They also emphasize that you should never look directly at a UV lamp source, even for a brief moment.

OhmniClean UV-C robot disinfecting an office.

UV-C light — unlike UV-A or -B — cannot penetrate glass. Our UV robot, OhmniClean, utilizes UV-C, but that is not universal across all UV disinfection solutions.

How to Safely Use a UV Robot

Understanding the inherent risks associated with UV disinfection highlights the importance of having a variety of safety measures included with your UV-C solution. Our autonomous UV robot, OhmniClean, has been designed with a system of safety features to help protect any individuals — cleaning staff, general public, etc. — from falling victim to any accidental exposures.

Safety Features on OhmniClean UV Robot

Among the many advanced features that OhmniClean provides, of particular note are the safety tablets. These smart tablets wirelessly interact with the UV robot, giving the user a safe way to fully control the unit’s operation, as well as displaying warning signs and, if needed, forcing an automatic shutdown should anyone enter the room during the disinfection process.

Motion sensors, remote switches, and an active safety system

The tablet’s initial function is to allow remote start away from the unit. In short, the user exits the room with the tablet and secures the entrances. Then, once ready, they can initiate the disinfection process from behind the safety of a closed door — no pressing Start on the unit and sprinting out of the room before the lights fire up.

Further, this initiation process includes a simple checklist, allowing the user to ensure that the space is free of any persons and ready for disinfection. And during the disinfection process, the user can pause or entirely abort the disinfection at any time with the touch of a single button on the tablet, which will immediately shut down the UV lights.

In addition to remote start/stop functionality, these tablets feature other safety measures to help prevent accidental exposures. For instance, using customized mounts, the tablets are attached to doors and other entrances, displaying warning signs to indicate that a UV disinfection is in process.

However, the best part about mounting the safety tablets to the door is that they are built with active motion sensors that, if triggered, will force an automatic shutdown of the UV robot. So if anyone were to ignore the warning signs and attempt to enter the room, the disinfection process would immediately stop once the tablet sensed any motion from the door. Once automatic shutdown is activated, the user has the option to restart the process from where it left off or start over from the beginning.

Lastly, upon completion of the disinfection process, the safety tablets will tell the user when it’s safe to enter the room and retrieve the UV robot.


FAQs About UV Disinfection Safety

Q: What are some risks of UV exposure?
A: Being exposed to UV light radiation can cause severe burns on the skin (e.g., a sunburn) and the eyes if unprotected. Longer exposures can lead to even more severe outcomes, such as cancer.

Q: How much exposure to UV light is harmful?
A: The deleterious effects of UV light exposure can happen quickly, even as quickly as a few seconds, depending on the intensity of the light. This is why OhmniClean has advanced UV disinfection safety protocols in place.

Q: What precautions should be taken when using UV light?
A: Operators should take special care to ensure that no one is exposed to any UV light. Our OhmniClean unit features several UV disinfection safety features to help ensure that this is accomplished.

Q: What PPE do you need for UV light disinfection?
A: When using OhmniClean, no PPE is required, as the autonomous robot performs the disinfection on its own, with the operator safely behind closed doors. This differs from chemical disinfectants, which require hands-on operation and, thus, PPE is advised.

Q: Do you need safety glasses when using UV light disinfection?
A: Similar to above, the operator will be safely behind closed doors during the operation of OhmniClean, so no eye protection is needed.

Safe Disinfection with OhmniClean UV Robot

It’s no surprise why so many are turning toward technology for disinfection. And while the benefits of a UV robot outweigh any potential drawbacks, every user must understand the power the UV light holds and the effects it can have on a person who is exposed.

When searching for a UV robot, make sure you choose an option like OhmniClean that prioritizes safety. For if the whole point of disinfection is to create safer spaces, should the process itself be unsafe, then the entire practice would be rendered pointless. At OhmniLabs, we’ve put significant emphasis on protecting the user and the public as a whole, and are committed to creating healthier environments in as safe a manner as possible.

Want to learn more about the safety features on OhmniClean?

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OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot

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