OhmniLabs and Autonomous Partner to Deliver Telepresence Solutions

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Events, Robotics

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many companies have been reaching out to us to explore how they can use our telepresence robots and other telepresence solutions to close gaps in their company productivity and employee well-being.

While COVID-19 has certainly been unexpected the increased demand for telepresence robotics has come as no surprise.

As a growing number of companies rapidly adjust to better accommodate remote workforces, mobile telepresence robots are emerging as a simple and effective way to connect distributed workgroups in a more natural and human way than can be provided through standard video conferencing solutions. With wide adoption of social distancing policies requiring some staff to work in the office and some to work from home, Ohmni Robot offers work-from-home staff the ability to roam around the office and connect with their co-workers in much the same manner as if they were there facilitating open communication and camaraderie.

In addition, Ohmni Robot can be used in numerous other ways including managing remote workers, remote employee monitoring, offshore manufacturing management, satellite office management, remote warehouse monitoring and more!

Which brings us to some great news – we’ve partnered with Autonomous!

Trusted by over 130,000 companies worldwide, Autonomous delivers innovative products designed to help people work smarter and improve their health in both the home and office. Known for their dedication to premium, quality office solutions that deliver on value, design and simplicity, Autonomous will now offer its own Autonomous Ohmni telepresence robot purpose-built for telecommuting and telework applications.

We’re incredibly excited about this partnership, as it allows OhmniLabs to increase the availability of our telepresence robots and simplify the buying process for customers looking to strengthen their remote workforces and respond to challenges presented by COVID-19.

“Autonomous is committed to promoting a future where science and technology progress humanity,” said Autonomous CMO Chi Tran. “We’re confident the Autonomous Ohmni telepresence robot will deliver great value to our growing customer base and look forward to expanding our partnership with OhmniLabs for years to come.”

Interested in deploying telepresence solutions via the Autonomous Ohmni for your own workforce? It’s now available through the Autonomous website.  Click here to check out the Autonomous Ohmni.

To learn more about Ohmni Robot for telecommuting and telework, click here.

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OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot
OhmniClean Autonomous UV Disinfection Robot

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