Forty percent of respondents said they would like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their career1


Regular telecommuting grew 140% in the past decade, more than 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce.1

4.7 M

U.S. workers working remotely (3.4% of the population)2

Remote work is the future of work.

Ohmni® is the future of work. Most employees prefer the freedom and flexibility of telecommuting. Eliminate travel, greet visitors from your desk, or invite candidates into your office remotely. Unlike video conferencing, you won’t be stuck to your seat. With one click, you can drive Ohmni around the office, meet with co-workers and invite others to join in.

You’ve always wanted more freedom! Keep driving your business forward.

Working Smart

Staying Connected & Dynamic Collaboration

A better way to work or
Work Hard Anywhere?

The recent coronavirus scare may lead to a better way to work. As companies begin preparing for the spread of coronavirus following CDC and WHO guidelines, they will likely accelerate changes in the way we work.

The best plan of action
Stay healthy, work from home.

Work remotely from the safety of your own home and call in well instead. Across industries, companies rely on them for increased productivity, inclusion, and cost savings. Add “keeping employees healthy” to that list.

You’ve always wanted more freedom
Call in Healthy

Now is your chance. The current coronavirus epidemic is scary but also a good time for companies to consider their remote work policies and infrastructure.

Using Telepresence to Optimize Remote Work

Telepresence for Remote Teams Free Guide

Download our guide to learn best practices for minimizing challenges and maximizing productivity within your team.

Surpass video conferencing with a feature-rich solution

More than Skype on Wheels, More than iPad on Wheels, the added benefits of Mobility

I travel all over the world but using Ohmni I can connect with my Tokyo office in just one click. I can easily visit team members and attend meetings even when I'm not there. A superb example of office mobility technology.

James Kuffner

CEO, Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development

James Kuffner

Here is what our customers are saying

Namson Pham
Namson Pham
Kushner Carlson, PC
Law Firm
“When I made the decision to move hundreds of miles away, luckily my work let me go remote. They purchased Ohmni. There’s a big difference between asking a colleague to pick up the phone and simply rolling into their office with a question. The latter used to only be possible in person. Now, it’s also possible remotely. When OhmniLabs added screen-sharing functionality, it changed the way we communicated. I no longer had to read out page and line numbers. I could show my coworkers exactly what I was talking about.”
Nicola Corzine
Nicola Corzine
Executive Director of the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center
“Ohmni provides us with the flexibility and freedom to meet in various spaces at the simple click of a button, delivers the ultimate solution for consistent and engaging collaboration that allows us to focus on our mission and impact”
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