Finding the Right UV Disinfection Solution

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Articles, Disinfection

There are several things to consider when searching for the best UV disinfection solution for your organization.

With UV light being an effective tool to fight against infection, there are several different UV disinfection solutions available to purchase. When assessing each individual device, there are a few key factors to keep in mind to determine which is the best solution to meet the needs of your organization.

Size & Weight

The Smaller, the Better

One area often overlooked when thinking about UV disinfection solutions is the size of the unit— and it’s not just about how much space they take up in the storage closet. These units must be transported from room to room, sometimes even between buildings, so the bulkier and heavier the unit, the more challenging it will be for EVS staff to transport to every location it’s needed.

A size and weight comparison showing OhmniClean UV disinfection solution against competitors.

Also, the size of the emitter should be considered in relation to the size of the rooms that will be disinfected. Tighter areas — such as patient rooms, their adjacent bathrooms, or any rooms with lots of equipment — could prove problematic for fitting a large UV emitter inside. And if that UV device is stationary by design, then improper placement could lead to an ineffective disinfection.

Usability of the UV Disinfection Solution

Keep it Simple & Intuitive

No matter how powerful UV light may be for disinfection if the emitter is too complicated to use then its abilities are rendered useless. Some UV devices require engineers to set up and map new spaces, requiring an on-site visit from tech support to complete. Also, they can often feature complicated, outdated user interfaces that can be difficult for staff to learn, slowing or fully impeding the disinfection process.

Manual vs. Autonomous

Save Time & Energy with an Autonomous UV Disinfection Solution

One of the more visible differentiators between UV disinfection solutions is whether they are manual or autonomous. Manual emitters are stationary and require staff to reposition them multiple times within a space to achieve a thorough disinfection. And for larger areas — waiting rooms, surgical suites, etc. — the units may require so many repositionings that it could be impractical to use them.

On the other hand, autonomous UV units drive themselves around a room, getting up close to every surface without any manual intervention. This not only speeds up the process (autonomous units can typically disinfect a room in half the time of manual emitters) but also allows EVS staff to turn their attention toward other important duties.


Ensure Compliance With Instant Data

With any disinfection process, it’s important to make sure that you’re in full compliance with all regulatory standards. One of the easiest ways to do that is to have reports on what disinfection has taken place and how thorough it was completed. Depending on the type of UV disinfection solution you choose, those reports can be delivered in real-time or they can take upwards of a month to receive the full brief.

Post-disinfection report from OhmniClean UV disinfection solution

Further, the information contained within the reports can vary. Several systems only present the bare minimum (time, date, etc.) while others can give you highly detailed information, complete with maps and other pertinent disinfection data.

OhmniClean— The Premier UV Disinfection Solution

Now knowing which specs and features to consider when looking for a UV disinfection solution, why not get one that checks all the boxes? OhmniClean is an autonomous disinfection robot that provides a potent dose of UV light to an entire room — no matter how large or small — with just the touch of a button.

  • Lightweight & Compact – Easy Mobility and Maneuverability
    • User-Friendly Operation – New Staff Can Be Trained in Less Than 10 Minutes
      • Autonomous Disinfection – Drives Itself Around for Faster Cleans With Less Effort
        • Real-Time Reports – Heat Maps and Position Tracking Available Immediately

          Want to see what OhmniClean can do for your organization?

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