Telepresence Articles

ITV | Ohmni Robot for Custom Tailoring

ITV features Huntsman, a Saville Row custom tailor, using Ohmni Robot with remote clients. Some great coverage of Mr Hammick in the news today on ITV . Showing what can be done during Covid times with positive eergy,...

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Fierce Electronics | Ohmni Robot for COVID Care

OhmniLabs telepresence robots provide Covid care and will soon be autonomous One of their most vital functions in recent months has been to connect families with loved ones suffering from COVID-19 who are confined to...

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News 12 Long Island l Ohmni Robot Video Review

The Download: Ohmni Robot from OhmniLabs With reduced office capacity during the pandemic and many people working from home your work space may seem awfully empty. But what if you could beam into your office, while you...

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