BBC News | CHAMP and Football-playing Robots

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Media, Robotics, Telepresence

Can football-playing robots beat the World Cup winners by 2050?

For some, robots in the sports world are already having an impact of a very different kind.

In June, US robotics firm OhmniLabs and carmaker Volkswagen unveiled Champ, a telepresence robot with a two-way TV screen and speakers and microphone that can connect to someone in another location.

Champ has been designed so children who are too ill to attend a football game or other sporting event can go out onto the pitch remotely with their favourite team. They can see and hear what is going on, and also talk to the players via the robot.

This article was originally published by BBC News.  To see the full news story on their website, click the button below.


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