Ohmni® Celebrates eKAMI Robotics Center Launch

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Events, Telepresence

On June 4, 2021, OhmniLabs participated in the grand opening of the eKAMI Robotics Center in Paintsville, Kentucky. Attended by government and industry representatives, the event showcased how Ohmni Robot and other robots are operated and utilized in multiple environments.

Jake Hall, the “Manufacturing Millennial”, was unable to fly to Kentucky to attend the event in person. So he called in from the donated Ohmni Telepresence Robot instead. Using the robot, Jake was able to drive around the 40,000 square-feet building and speak with attendees as if he were physically present. Aaron Prather, Senior Technical Advisor for FedEx, guided Jake and Ohmni through the facility.

Jake Hall using Ohmni Robot at eKAMI Robotics Center Launch

With the opening of its new Robotics Center, eKAMI allows students to interact with robots that are used daily in manufacturing and logistics facilities across the world. This provides them with hands-on training that builds the skills they need for future employment in the tech field. OhmniLabs supports the new center, along with many other companies including:

“We are excited to open this new chapter in the eKAMI story. This expansion provides additional cutting-edge skills which are in high demand  by employers. To deploy automation, more companies are looking for individuals with a basic  understanding of robotics. eKAMI will be able to assist with this transition by providing a new  workforce skilled in this area.”

Kathy Walker, Founder and  CEO of eKAMI

Ohmni Robot at eKAMI Robotics Center Launch

About eKAMI 

The eKentucky Advanced Manufacturing Institute (eKAMI) focuses on helping dislocated workers. Because finding qualified workers to fill advanced manufacturing jobs is difficult for manufacturers around the world, eKAMI helps by training local young people just entering the workforce and preparing them for the machines that make up today’s modern factories. 

eKAMI students participate in immersive programs for the next generation of manufacturing, which can get them great jobs. Kathy Walker describes her facility as “taking our uniquely talented and hard-working Appalachian workforce of today and preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow.” 

Ohmni Telepresence Robot

The Ohmni Robot is a telepresence robot that provides users with the experience of being present at a remote location from anywhere in the world. It gives users the flexibility to move around a remote space freely and interact with others. Ohmni eliminates the need for people to fly to a different location for work or to attend an event, making it more efficient to be where they need to be. Telepresence is one of the most effective ways to work from anywhere because it easily brings people closer together.

Want to learn more about more features and benefits of the telepresence robot? Check out Telepresence Robot Features: 12 Reasons to Purchase Ohmni®.

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