Virtual Tour Robot For Audit & Inspections

Are your facilities ready for virtual tour robots?

Be on-site with a single click. Robots get the job done.

Because Continuous Improvement Never Stops



Costly downtime due to equipment and production line failures


Difficult to maintain operational excellence across multiple locations


Air travel is risky, complex, costly and you need a travel alternative


Challenging to conduct routine audits and inspections



With a robot you can be there in one click to collaborate and find a solution


Monitor your facility’s health remotely via a mobile robot


Empower your remote members to team up in realtime with Ohmni Robot


Be on the shop floor instantly through a robot to conduct virtual GEMBA walks

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Virtual GEMBA Walks Using Mobile Telepresence Robots

+ Identify limitations with video conferencing-based Gemba Walks

+ Learn about the benefits of a Virtual Gemba Walk

+ Illustrate the best way to conduct a Virtual Gemba Walk

Virtual GEMBA Walks Using Mobile Telepresence Robots

+ Identify limitations

+ Learn the Benefits

+ Key Practices

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EPCOR uses Ohmni Robot to provide customers with an immersive virtual inspection experience that surpasses video conferencing.

Customers take control of the robot and drive through EPCOR’s shop to inspect parts, communicate with engineers and mechanics about repair solutions and invite colleagues to join from their own remote locations.

Put your customers in the driver’s seat.


Save Time & Money with Ohmni® Robots For Virtual Tours and Audits

Reduce the risk, hassle and cost of air travel with robotics. Prevent equipment downtime with remote audits and inspections. See for yourself how much you can save.


Average cost of international business trip. Domestic cost average is $1,425


The average cost per one hour of
equipment downtime


Per min/cost of production line downtime in the manufacturing industry

Ohmni® Virtual Tour Robot will get you back to work

Let us show you how telepresence robots can improve your business, beyond the restrictions while minimizing risk and cost.

No App Needed, Lightweight & Easy to Use Robot

OhmniRobot Interface Responsive cross device

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Once you’re behind the wheel, it’s easy to see how Ohmni Mobile Telepresence Robot can be an effective travel alternative, allowing you to be anywhere, from anywhere.