WSOCTV | Ohmni Robot Allows Shoppers to Browse Stores from Safety of Home

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Media, Telepresence

Robot allows local shoppers to browse stores from safety of home

Customers are using “Chester,” the robot at “COCOCO Home” to browse the showroom floor in Cornelius. It allows customers to drive it remotely, to look at what they’re buying in more detail.

Store owner, Steve Secrest, showed Channel 9 how it works.

“We’re able to show them leather colors and fabric colors,” he explained.

He said it completely changed his customers’ virtual experience.

“We’re not just talking to them, we are with them in a real sense. There’s a real presence to it,” said Secrest.

This article was originally published by WSOCTV.  To see the full news story on their website, click the button below.


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