The New York Times | Seniors Use Telepresence Robots

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Media, Senior Care, Telepresence

The New York Times recently featured how seniors use telepresence robots to stay connected in their article: Seniors Welcome New, Battery-Powered Friends.

Welcoming a robot into her family was never Maxine Duncan’s idea of a support aide in her older years. But this winter, she and her partner, Herbert Yarbrough, signed up to test a telepresence robot in their retirement community, the Heritage Downtown, in Walnut Creek, Calif. Their new pal has a screen for a head and scuttles around on wheels. The lure was being able to connect more easily with their families via video calls.

The couple were immediately smitten. They have named the robot Jimmy.

This article was originally published by The New York Times.  To read the full article on their website, click the button below.


To learn more about how seniors use telepresence robots, click here.

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