Seattle Met | Gym Uses Ohmni Robot During the Pandemic

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Media, Telepresence

Robots Give This Seattle-Area Gym a Lift During the Pandemic

Lynnwood’s Jekel Strength Club uses tech to preserve a personal touch and social distancing.

So the Jekels called upon an unlikely source to preserve that human touch: robots. Since last spring, a pair of Ohmni Robots have allowed Ross and Paul to assess workouts virtually without shedding potentially infectious aerosols in the process. “Proto Paul” and “Robo Ross” wheel around the Lynnwood gym with screens attached to their long necks. The customers see and hear their trainers on those displays, and the trainers can tilt the sub-five-foot robot’s “head” to scan the room like a person normally would.

This article was originally published Benjamin Cassidy in Seattle Met.  To see the full news story on their website, click the button below.


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