Telefam | Ohmni Robot for Geriatric Care

by | May 4, 2020 | Media, Senior Care


OhmniLabs’ partner,, discussed using the Ohmni Robot for geriatric care and senior care in a recent blog post.

Use of Telepresence Robotics in Geriatric Care

We have been using Telepresence Robots in Singaporean homes since 2017 as prices for such devices fall from the height in the early 2000s.

Telepresence robots have many advantages, but the most useful is the ability to connect to older adults in their homes without the need for a response from the other side of the line.

Many older adults may not charge their mobile phones regularly or not pick up the phones sometimes, fearing of scam calls or occasionally muting the phone unknowingly.

This article was originally published by Telefam.  To view the full article discussing Ohmni robot for geriatric care, click the button below.


To learn more about Ohmni telepresence robots, click here.

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