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May 20, 2020 | Media

Education Review

Sick and missing school: the robot helping kids stay connected to class

“Sometimes it made me feel a bit angry, because I wanted to be at school, but I couldn’t,” she remembers.

Then Belle came along. 

Belle (“like Beauty and the Beast!” exclaims Ayla) is an OhmniLabs telepresence robot – in a groundbreaking innovation service developed by MissingSchool, officially named SEE-BE. Under a three-year pilot program and with a $600,000 grant from the St. George Foundation, it has so far empowered 86 children to stay connected to their regular learning community. 

This article was originally published by Kate Prendergast at Education Review.  To view the origianal article about Ohmni Robot for homebound instruction, click the button below. 


To learn more about Ohmni telepresence robots, click here.

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