Health IT Outcomes l Ohmni Robot for Psychiatric Care

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Healthcare, Media, Telepresence

The Evolution Of Telemedicine

Dr. Wirjo had no previous experience with telepresence. But he knew he needed to find a novel solution quickly. While telepsychiatry is nothing new, many of his patients now lacked the ability to hold an iPad for an extended time and the additional burden it would place on an already busy hospital staff wasn’t practical. Plus, he had experimented with Zoom and was “underwhelmed” by the experience.


Luckily, his online search introduced him to Ohmni. The pricing was “refreshingly reasonable” and it looked like the least burdensome option for the nursing staff. They wouldn’t have to hold it in place like an iPad or wheel it into and out of each room. That mobility sets Ohmni apart. 

This article was originally published by Health IT Outcomes.  To see the full news story on their website, click the button below.


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