Esquire | Ohmni Robot and the Future of Bespoke Clothes

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Media, Telepresence

Savile Robot: the Digital Future of Bespoke Clothes

How designers are future-proofing fashion’s oldest crafts

So far the robots are mostly used to collect the 20-odd measurements that are needed to initially fit a suit, but it has already streamlined the process. A suit that would take a year for a customer abroad can be shortened down to five months thanks to Mr Hammick’s deft(ish) robot fingers. Speaking to the New York Times in November, Pierre Lagrange, the Belgian hedge fund manager who bought Huntsman in 2013, said, “I’ve always been a proponent of using tech in ways that let people focus on what they’re really good at,” he said, “whether that’s a hedge fund or in tailoring.”

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