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Thank you for your interest in us.

Here are the rules around using our brand assets and showcasing OhmniLabs™ content. These guidelines will give specific examples of how to and how not to use OhmniLabs™ in your publishing. Please contact [email protected] if you need anything else.


This is the first logo to choose when referencing OhmniLabs™, unless being used on a background that makes it illegible. If you are using the logo on either a dark or yellow background, use the alternate assets.


If space is an issue, you should use this glyph. There is not always enough horizontal space for our main logo and this is your secondary option.


This is the main color palette for OhmniLabs™. We like to keep things fun! Additional colors in the secondary palate are available in the guide.

Product Images

All photography used throughout our marketing should reflect our brand and product. We are modern and clean while being bold and beautiful. Stock photography should be as natural as possible reflect our culture of diversity and happiness.

Josh Williams Hospital Tour Partnership

Josh Williams Hospital Tour Partnership

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Our mission and vision for the future, executive bios, and investor information.


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Please contact [email protected] if you need anything else.