What You Need To Know About Telepresence Robots: What They Are and Use Cases

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Don’t know a lot about telepresence bots? Whether you’re interested in purchasing a bot or are simply curious about telepresence robot use cases, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, you’ll learn all about why they exist, what they do and some of the more popular ways telepresence robots are utilized.

What is a telepresence robot?

Telepresence robots are like video conferencing on steroids. With a telepresence robot, you can move around freely and interact with others as you drive the robot through a remote space. Imagine having a presence in a place where you currently work or frequently visiting without having to be physically present at the location where the event takes place. Using any mobile device, laptop or desktop, you can even share content in real-time as well. 

Bringing people together is what telepresence robots do best. Accessible from anywhere, they help office workers collaborate seamlessly or bring friends and family together.

How does a telepresence robot work?

Unlike a regular video call, with a telepresence robot, you can be present in the room with your clients as if you were there. 

There are many telepresence robot use cases that showcase its immense potential. They can replace the need for you or your colleagues to fly out to a client location. Sitting right there next to the client, operating a telepresence robot, you are as present as any in-person meeting. No flight delays, no baggage fees, and no need for time-consuming travel. It truly is the most effective way to run a business from anywhere.

Telepresence robots provide businesses with a better way to get work done. Accessible from the comfort of one’s home or office, they bring distant customers and staff closer. Simply log in using any device and you’re instantly virtually present in your remote location. Navigate the robot about that space to chat and interact with family, colleagues, and friends.

Telepresence robot vs video conferencing

Telepresence robots have emerged to unseat traditional methods of remote collaboration and meetings. Though videoconferencing is used by many companies around the world, that technology remains a distant second to face-to-face conversations. Telepresence robot use cases show that it offers a superior experience for both businesses and individuals. Unlike video conferencing, which locks you to your computer, telepresence robots let you roam around freely as you talk, and share documents and images as if you were in the same room. The mobility and control the user retains are the key.

Ohmni Vs. Video Conferencing

Freedom to move through a remote space
Superior audio quality to hear and be heard from across the room
Ultra responsive, tilting next to maximum field of view
Have a physical presence in a remote location
Doesn't require another device to connect with others
Move around with confidence thanks to HD wide-angle cameras
No app to download

How can a company use a telepresence robot? 

Telepresence robots can be a key part of your remote office setup. By investing in a robot, you can dramatically improve the way your business communicates with other employees, partners, and customers. Teams literally gain a new perspective by using telepresence robots. They can interact with each other freely and collaborate in previously impossible ways.

Several telepresence robot use cases show how they empower remote workers to work together in an unprecedented way. Remote workers gain instant visual and audio access to those who are present in the room, bridging communication gaps in situations that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. 

What are the benefits of telepresence robots for a company?

In places where communication is difficult or impossible, telepresence can bridge the gap and enable access for people who otherwise wouldn’t have access. Imagine if you could see, talk, and interact with clients from afar. Imagine interacting with your boss from a distance during work hours. Imagine being able to take on new clients and projects without having to worry about travel costs or potential schedule conflicts. Imagine interacting with human beings in a completely new way. That’s exactly what telepresence robot technology can do for enterprises large and small.

How much does a telepresence robot cost?

We have all heard the saying, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” Well, when it comes to some telepresence robots, that is not the case. These incredibly useful and innovative devices are affordable based on the value they provide. 

Plus, the price of a telepresence robot has come down dramatically in recent years, making it an attractive option for companies looking for alternatives to costly and time-consuming business travel. By utilizing telepresence robots, companies can save both time and money when conducting inspections of new facilities or visiting certain locations where physical presence is needed.

Learn more about the best affordable telepresence robots.

Telepresence Robots Use Cases

Today, telepresence robots are used in a wide variety of industries like education, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare to name a few. Let’s take a closer look at some of the telepresence robot use cases. 


There are dozens of applications for telepresence robots in education. They are being used in primary education, higher education, homebound instruction for ill and hospitalized students, simulations, graduate medical education, and more. In many circumstances, using telepresence robots in education can increase students’ engagement and connection to the course content. They can be used in conjunction with regular classroom equipment and experience no disruption to normal classroom activities.

For homebound students, extended school absences can leave students feeling lonely and isolated. That’s why administrators and parents around the world turn to telepresence robots to help ill or hospitalized children stay connected to their school community.

For distance learning, our seamless solution enables hybrid and hyflex education, providing teachers and students with the flexibility they need for engaging, face-to-face interactions. Click here to learn more about to incorporate hyflex learning and real presence experience in your classroom. 

Healthcare and Senior Care

There are several telepresence robot use cases that show how this technology revolutionized the way doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals work. They help doctors be more active with their patients. They also help family members stay in touch with caregivers in other locations. They are also used to provide access to healthcare for patients who are unable to walk or have other mobility issues. 

Telepresence robots for senior care can take on a number of forms. Some users rely on their robots as their remote eyes and ears for elderly family members. They use it several times throughout the day to check in on a family member as if they were walking through the door themselves. Others use it as a more immersive form of communication — logging into a telepresence robot for regular chats with seniors instead of using the phone, FaceTime or video conferencing. The result is the same — making the family feel as if they are together in real-time. 

Are telepresence robots HIPAA compliant?

Before using a telepresence robot in a healthcare setting where HIPAA restrictions may apply, be sure to check if your robot is HIPAA compliant.  The robotic manufacturer should keep your patient information secure and appropriately report security breaches involving personal healthcare information. Learn more about the HIPAA compliant Ohmni Robot


The telepresence robot is becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. Telepresence robots are not just for engineers anymore. They are becoming a popular option for companies who depend on remote work or have complex communication needs with clients. 

Numerous companies are now utilizing these robots to help their employees work from home. One of the most exciting telepresence robot use cases is how they help teams communicate with remote employees in real-time. This communication provides a vital link between the company and its employees which results in improved efficiency and productivity. Click here to learn how telepresence robots reduce barriers to communication for remote workers. 

“I regularly travel all over the world but if I need to check in with my team at our Tokyo office, I can connect with one click to Ohmni. This enables me to easily visit team members and attend meetings even when I’m not physically there. ” ~ Jared Kuffner, CEO at Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development

Manufacturing: Virtual Visits, Industrial Tours and Inspections

Telepresence robots are used on the manufacturing floor for gemba walks, audits, inspections, and virtual visits. Companies like EPCOR use telepresence robots to bring customers onto the shop floor. This was especially helpful under COVID restrictions. Using the robot, customers could “ride through the shop as if they were there” to inspect parts, communicate with engineers and mechanics about repair solutions and invite colleagues to join from their own remote locations.

Another popular example of telepresence robot use cases in the manufacturing industry is virtual gemba walk for continuous improvement. Having the ability to jump in and observe the factory floor without having the hassle and high cost of business travel can minimize equipment and production line failures. A robot enables process improvement professionals to monitor their facility’s health remotely to quickly find solutions when problems arise. Learn more about telepresence robots for gemba walks, audits and inspections


Imagine walking into a store and purchasing anything you want without having to line up at a counter. Telepresence robots make this possible. Today, telepresence robots for retail are being used in a number of different ways. One art gallery in New York uses a telepresence robot to sell high-end art

A furniture manufacturer in North Carolina — uses telepresence robots to invite customers into their showroom. Virtual showroom consultations with a telepresence robot are a great way to let customers browse through the inventory and discuss the numerous design options available. 

About Ohmni Robot

Ohmni Robot is the award-winning mobile telepresence robot from OhmniLabs. The new Ohmni Robot offers a 13-megapixel camera, the highest resolution camera available in a telepresence robot. The camera plus the Ohmni low-latency encoding system gives you an immersive, ultra-wide field of view without sacrificing visual detail. 

Want to hear about other telepresence robot use cases and the many benefits this technology offers? Check out Telepresence Robot Features: 12 Reasons to Purchase Ohmni®.

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