Enhance your students’ educational experience with a distance learning robot.

+ Hybrid learning is here to stay
+ Keep up with the changing educational landscape
+ Improve learning outcomes with an inclusive and flexible solution
+ Bridge the gap between students and teachers with real presence experience

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Ohmni® Telepresence Robot for Distance Learning

for Admins

Easily manage your Ohmni Robots with best-in-class Fleet Management. Monitor user activity and share access with faculty, staff, students, speakers and guest lecturers from one central portal.

for Instructors

Ensure continuity of curriculum without having to compromise the student experience. In-class and remote students learn using the same lessons you have already developed.

for Students

No student is left behind with immersive distance learning. Students outside of the class receive the same level of education as those on-campus.

Winning Features for Distance Learning

Real-time Navigation

Real-time Navigation

Unlike video conferencing, students independently drive Ohmni telepresence robots in real-time, allowing them to interact with teachers and peers as if they’re physically present.

Drive to the Library

All-axis 360° View

Using our tilting neck’s floor-to-ceiling feature, Ohmni provides 360 HD vision and an immersive experience for learning and collaboration.

Light-Weight and Portable

Light-Weight and Portable

Because education has no limits, Ohmni telepresence robot’s 18 lb collapsible frame can be easily transported within and outside the classroom.

Affordable by Comparison

Affordable by Comparison

Ohmni is an affordable solution that fits into tight education budgets. Ask our Specialist about how to secure your school’s 4% discount.

OHM WEB Admin Portal

Feature-rich Admin Hub

Easily keep track of your students, average call time, hours of usage and more. View reports on learning and teaching outcomes on a central dashboard.

Privacy is Paramount

Privacy is Paramount

Ohmni telepresence robot features peer-to-peer encryption so that all video and audio is encrypted using the latest media encryption standards.

OhmniLabs COPPA Compliant
GDPR Compliant Badge
OhmniLabs is a Certified Technology Vender Badge

Ohmni® education robots are built for schools.

Ohmni is built in the US with the utmost commitment to protect faculty and student privacy.

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Grants for Distance Learning

Detailed list of Government & Private Grants to help get telepresence robots into your Hyflex classes.

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Clients Love Our Distance Learning Robot

Don’t take our word for it, hear it from our customer!

“Being part of the class and interacting in real time is a vital part of the learning experience and the Ohmni is able to provide this with a device that is also fun to use.”

~ William Richard
Illinois Assistive Technology Program

Customer Stories

telepresence robot telecommuting

Case Study

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University’s Digital Education Leadership Graduate Program uses Ohmni Robot to give remote students agency and control.

Wooster College using Ohmni in class

Case Study

College of Wooster

At College of Wooster, Department of Education students use Ohmni Robots to fulfill student teaching hours at local K-12 schools.

Case Study

University of Wyoming at Casper

Students at the University of Wyoming at Casper use Ohmni Robot technology to learn counseling skills for the now and the future.

The Learning Curve for Distance Learning

“Despite missing the physical classroom where social interactions come naturally, the COVID-19 health crisis has accelerated a new way of learning and we all have to adapt to the next normal.”

Tra Vu
Adjunct Professor at NYU & COO at OhmniLabs


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only 4% of US Colleges offered in-person instruction in fall 20201


75% of all students want a hybrid learning system2


33% Higher Ed schools will continue to offer hybrid courses after their campuses have reopened1


52% of students indicated that if the course was not available online, they would find it online at a different university1


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