100 Ohmni® Robots at MWC 2021 in TelcoDR’s CLOUD CITY

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Events, Telepresence

100 Ohmni® Robots Take Over CLOUD CITY

This year, 100 Ohmni® Robots facilitated virtual attendance at Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona, the mobile industry’s most influential event.

100 Ohmni Robots in TelcoDR's Cloud City MWC 2021

Led by mobile maverick, Danielle Royston, TelcoDR took over Ericsson’s landmark space in Hall 2 to create CLOUD CITY, which served as the center of gravity for public cloud vendors and evangelists at MWC Barcelona. TelcoDR offered the 100 robots to anyone who wanted to navigate through CLOUD CITY remotely enabling them to attend demos and meetings, and experience those all-important trade-show chance encounters with other attendees from all over the world.

We had about 1,000 robot visits, from extended team members who couldn’t make the trip, prospects who wanted to see demos, even competitors trying to jump on the bots – they were a smashing success. At one point, I was dashing to a meeting and saw two robots talking to each other. I saw robots in the immersive room. I saw robots cruising around and enjoying themselves. It was super cool. I think hybrid events are here to stay, so exhibitors need to create new ways for virtual audiences to attend as well, and robots were a great addition to the booth.

Danielle Royston

Watch the first 5 minutes of the BBC Click video below to see Ohmni Robot in action at MWC.

Hybrid Events are the Future

While deploying 100 robots at once was unprecedented, we won’t be surprised when others follow suit. As we emerge from the pandemic, where we adjusted from fully in-person events to fully online events, planners are considering the hybrid model for conferences and workshops. They understand the benefit of gathering participants physically while also opening up interaction and collaboration to community members distributed around the world.    

“Hybrid environments present the opportunity to significantly expand participation, reduce costs and potentially decrease the overall carbon footprint of our events. For these and other secondary reasons, we believe our future is likely to be hybrid.”

Computing Community Consortium

100 Ohmni Robots in TelcoDR's Cloud City MWC 2021

According to Aycee Gardner, the self-proclaimed Robot Queen of CLOUD CITY by TelcoDR, “I’m confident that robots will play an important part in our future. I would much rather work hand in hand with them than try to ignore that advanced technologies exist and are here to stay.” 

Click here to watch a video with Mobile World Live’s Sasha Twining as she chats with our CEO, Thuc Vu, on the robot and then speaks with Brand Manager, Rudy Gonzalez, on the show floor. Thuc shares OhmniLabs’ vision to provide connection and access to anyone, anywhere in the world. And Rudy highlights some of Ohmni’s key features that easily enable virtual events and virtual tours at conferences like this one.

Experience TelcoDR’s Cloud City On-Demand

ICYMI: TelcoDR’s hybrid experience included robust online programming through Cloud City On-Demand where they continue to share highlights from the exhibition such as keynotes, interviews, panel discussions and more.

Katie Goldfinch also interviewed Thuc and Rudy. Is this the beginning of the robot takeover? Not quite. Learn more about what we believe will be the future — one where robots are as common as computers and coexist harmoniously with humans. Robots will increasingly provide services like enabling virtual tours. In doing so, they will bring value and quality of life to people around the world.

Thuc also discusses our revolutionary Ohmni Modular Robotics Platform, which enables us to create custom robots at scale for clients around the world. Our end-to-end process — from design to manufacturing — allows clients to tailor-fit robotic solutions to meet new demands in the market. Check out the video to learn more.

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