Thuc Vu

Dr. Thuc Vu

Co-Founder & CEO of OhmniLabs

Dr. Thuc Vu is the CEO and co-founder of OhmniLabs. He previously founded Katango and Tappy which were acquired by Google and, respectively. Thuc has deep expertise in game theory, machine learning, tournament design and multi-agent systems. He earned his PhD from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science from Carnegie Mellon, both in computer science. He was awarded Best Undergraduate Student in North America by the Computing Research Association for his research in 2004.

As a way to pay it forward, Thuc is involved in several community and non-profit projects in Vietnam. He co-founded VietSeeds and VietAI. VietSeeds is a scholarship program that helps underprivileged students attend university. This is the 7th year of VietSeeds and it has grown to 12 core staff and 60 mentors who support 200+ students in going to school each year. Each student will also have a mentor, and receive training and workshop programs that help them do well at school, improve their social skills and get ready for the job market. VietAI is an educational project that brings AI courses from Silicon Valley back to train engineers in Vietnam. VietAI recently opened registration for its class, with the goal of training 100 entry-level Machine Learning engineers in Vietnam, 10% of whom will be mentored further in cool research projects.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Thuc is also a Research Scientist and Assistant Professor at John Von Neumann Institute of Vietnam National University. He is also fostering a community of AI & Robotics and helping to grow a tech ecosystem in Vietnam.

In 2017, Thuc was named as one of the “40 Under 40” of Silicon Valley by the Silicon Valley Business Journal for his tireless efforts to bring about a significantly positive impact in the business world.