Ohmni Telepresence Robots at the Super Bowl

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Articles, Content, Telepresence

Our Ohmni telepresence robots were used to create memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences at the Super Bowl.

OhmniLabs has always been focused on creating human-centric robotics. Our products are designed to enhance life experiences for people across a variety of industries, locations, and circumstances. And this guiding principle was on full display this past weekend in Arizona at Super Bowl LVII. Thanks to our long-time partner, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, our Ohmni telepresence robots were used to create memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences for hospitalized youth around the country.

Patients from children’s hospitals in Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Phoenix were able to virtually attend the Super Bowl and adjacent media events all without having to venture outside the safety of their rooms. As one patient said, “It was like I was there. It was fun!”

Here are some of the highlights of Ohmni telepresence robots at the Super Bowl.

Telepresence Robots at Opening Night

The activities kicked off on Monday for the game’s Opening Night ceremony, a night reserved for media to interview the teams but with a bit more festive flair for the fans to enjoy — which included several patients utilizing Ohmni telepresence robots.

The children were able to fully engage with the event, driving around the arena at will and even interacting with the players, including Kansas City quarterback and two-time MVP, Patrick Mahomes. At one point in the evening, the Ohmni telepresence robots were brought on stage with representatives from Phoenix Children’s where they received a warm ovation from everyone in attendance.

“Our robots have just taken us to new heights. We’ve taken kids out to … anywhere they can imagine going that they just don’t get the opportunities, so it’s a really special thing to be a part of.”

Nicole Tanghe — Manager, Child Life Programs & Services, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Apple Music Halftime Show Press Conference

On Thursday, the Ohmni telepresence robots were given a front-row seat at the press conference for the Apple Music Halftime Show. With superstar Rihanna being this year’s performer, the exclusive event was a bonafide hot ticket with the addition of pre-game acts Cheryl Lee Ralph, Babyface, and Chris Stapleton.

But it was further elevated into extraordinary territory when one of the patients at Phoenix Children’s was able to personally ask the singer a question via the telepresence robot. Truly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Telepresence Robots at the Super Bowl

Of course, the main event of the week was the Super Bowl itself, where the Chiefs defeated the Eagles to stake their claim as the best in the league. Our Ohmni telepresence robots were on site for the entirety of the game, but the highlight came during a break in the first quarter, where the robots were featured on the Jumbotron inside the arena, showcasing the patients and Phoenix Children’s for every person in attendance.

We’re so grateful for Phoenix Children’s Hospital — in particular, Nicole Tanghe and Stephanie Smith (Program Coordinator, Child Life Zone) — for always seeking innovative ways to help their patients find joy and thrive while receiving care. And we’re proud that they have chosen Ohmni telepresence robots to help facilitate. The Super Bowl is always one of the biggest events in the entire world, and to see the happiness that being able to participate brought to these kids’ faces is truly priceless.

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