Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon after disinfecting is the room available?

The room is safe to enter immediately after cleaning finishes. There is a smell that typically lingers for about 5-10 minutes, but it is NOT ozone and it is safe. It is generated by the intense UV essentially “cooking” some of the microscopic human skin cell dust that is always present in the air.

Do you need to do a regular cleaning of a room before sending in the robot?

Yes and no. Layers of dirt or grime can protect the organisms from UV-C exposure and reduce effectiveness. We always recommend that disinfection follows regular (non-disinfecting) cleaning for maximum efficacy, though there are still benefits to disinfecting when you don’t have a chance to clean first.

What about degradation during terminal cleaning? On the surface of equipment, etc?

Bleach and other disinfectants are often much harsher and cause corrosion over time and residue on the surface of the equipment.

Any issues with fabrics fading? Or artwork?

Materials that are robust to sunlight exposure will generally be robust against UV-C exposure as well. If the artwork is expensive, we would suggest caution. But note that even a thin layer of glass or acrylic stops virtually all UV-C (unlike UV-A or UV-B in sunlight), so if the artwork is behind something transparent it should be safe.

Will it damage paint? Will it damage soft materials?

UV exposure of any kind (sunlight or artificial sources) will affect different materials differently. OhmniClean’s UV exposure level is specifically targeted to be powerful enough for fast cleaning but not excessively powerful to damage the environment.

Is there a log where I can run reports on the rooms?

Yes, OhmniClean is built with state-of-the-art reporting systems. You can instantly view disinfection reports for any room directly on the robot’s screen. You can also view data across an entire fleet of OhmniClean robots with our included web reporting system. All data is real time and instantly accessible.

Can the disinfectant report be added to electronic medical records?

Yes, we can integrate with hospital systems. We can offer EMR Integration Services where the fee is based on the scope of integration.

Does it take special knowledge or certification to remove or handle the bulbs?

No, these Philips bulbs are available at stores and require no special knowledge or certification to handle, aside from just being careful with them. The modern UV-C bulbs have a minute amount of mercury and the actual guidance from Philips is to simply wear gloves when cleaning up the pieces and to ventilate the area for 30 minutes.

How many degrees does the UV cover?

We focus the UV light in a 300 degree arc concentrated on the front and sides of the bot. This is done for maximum efficiency, since OhmniClean is autonomous. Unlike a stationary unit, you’re moving around and as close to objects as possible, so we’re taking all the wasted UV energy going to where the robot just came from and spreading that to the sides and front where it’s needed most.

Can you take off the light module?

Yes! You can simply unplug it from the robot and lift it off. This makes it easy to transport or ship.

What is the exact nm wavelength generated by the bulbs?

253.7 nm

How many bulbs are in the Light Module?

8 bulbs

How much do the bulbs cost to replace?

About $60 per bulb. OhmniClean was built for easy maintenance – you can replace them yourself in about 5 minutes.

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