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Why Ohmni?

Ohmni is the most affordable and reliable telepresence robot in the world. Learn more about how Ohmni compares to other telepresence robots.

How much does Ohmni cost?

The Ohmni robot retails for $2,195 and is available for purchase at our store: https://store.ohmnilabs.com. See store for details.

Is Ohmni robot certified?

Yes, Ohmni Robot has certification from FCC, CE, IC, VCCI, C-tick, TELEC, and RCM.


What are the dimensions and weight of the Ohmni robot?

Height: 48” or 56” tall, foldable for easy transport/shipping (33” tall when folded)
Base: 14” W x 17” L
Weight: 18 lbs

What are the dimensions and weight of the shipping package?

Dimensions: 16″ x 21″ x 36″
Weight: 31 lbs

How long does the battery last and how long does it take to recharge?

Ohmni’s batteries will last up to 6 hours on a call and around 12 hours on standby. The batteries charge at about the same rate they discharge. So if the battery is half full, it will take about 3 hours to get a full charge in off mode.

Can I connect the charging dock into 110V and 220V power outlets?

Yes, you can use the same plugs used for laptops or household appliances.

How much power does Ohmni draw while charging?

1.5 amps

How fast does Ohmni go?

Ohmni offers user-controlled variable speed and can go as fast as 2.2 mph or 3.2 feet per second.

What’s the resolution of Ohmni’s camera?

The super-high resolution 4K camera and enhanced decode software captures 13MP snapshots (4208×3120) anytime you’re on a call.

What are the full specs for the Ohmni® Robot?

Height56 inches (142.2 cm)
Base Footprint13.9 x 17.2 inches (35.3 x 43.7 cm)
Charging Dock
Height2.1 inches
Base5.5 x 4.7 inches (14.0 x 11.9 cm)
Touch points5 simultaneous
Panel typeIPS
ProcessorIntel Atom X5 Z8350 1.92 GHz
Number of cores4 Cores
Memory2GB DDR3L
Storage16 GB eMMC
USB ports4 USB 2.0 A (full size)
1 USB 3.0 Micro B OTG
Video ports1 HDMI
Speaker type50mm Full Range Neodyne
Speaker range250 HZ – 14kHz
Speaker volume48dB volume range
Mic type6mm Omnidirectional
Microphone range100Hz – 10kHz
Folding hinge
Power buttonIlluminated, software on-off
ReleaseInterlocking pull-to-release
Neck servo
Rotation speed60 deg/sec
Encoder type10-bit absolute
ProtocolSerial multidrop, packet based
StandardsIEEE802.11 ac/a/b/g/n
EncryptionWPA/WPA-PSK,WPA2/WPA2-PSK. WPA-Enterprise (802.11x)
Battery system
Charge rate20W
Cell protectionUndervoltage, Overvoltage, Short circuit, Current limit, Cell failure
Cell balancingYes
Battery chemistryLiFePO4
Battery capacity95Wh
Runtime4-5h at full load
Input100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Front camera (Supercam)
Sensor res2MP
Maximum res4208×3120
Streaming res1280×960 (With real-time 3x superzoom to native 4K resolution)
ChromaRGB Bayer
Pixel size3.0 micron
Sensor size5865 x 3276 um
Nav camera
Sensor res2MP
Maximum res1920×1080
Streaming res320×240
ChromaRGB Bayer
Pixel size3.0 micron
Sensor size5865 x 3276 um
Drive system
Motor power2x 30W
Motor typeThree phase brushless
Maximum speed2 mph
Carrying capacity20 lbs
E-brakeYes, automatically engaged
Stall detectionYes, automatic
Electronic torque limitingYes
Encoder14-bit/revolution absolute
Transmission11:30 timing belt reduction
ProtocolSerial multidrop, packet based


Do I have to install any software?

No, Ohmni’s controls are all browser-based for easy access wherever you may be and whichever device you may be using.

Does Ohmni dock itself?

Yes, Ohmni is equipped with an auto-docking feature that returns Ohmni to its charging dock.

What do I need to connect to Ohmni? What device can I use to drive it?

You can access Ohmni’s browser-based app using any device. Your device needs a camera, microphone, and speakers and it must be connected to a network. You’ll need an Ohmni-compatible web browser like Chrome or Safari 11 and later.

Where is Ohmni made?

We manufacture and assemble the Ohmni robots in Silicon Valley, California.

Is Ohmni a balancing robot?

No, unlike Double robots, Ohmni uses a three-wheel base for stability which improves battery life as the robot does not need to use extra power to maintain its position.

Can Ohmni fall over?

Ohmni rarely falls over due to its design with most of the weight in the base.

Does Ohmni have Bluetooth capabilities?

No, but we can install an external dongle to provide bluetooth connectivity. Please email support@ohmnilabs.com for more information.

Can I manage multiple robots at the same time?

Yes, we offer Ohmni Enterprise Solutions, a software and services subscription that provides enterprise level features to help you better deploy and manage your Ohmni Robot fleet. We recommend anyone using 3 or more Ohmni Robots to subscribe to enterprise solutions. Please visitOhmni® Enterprise Solutions for more information.

Do you have a version for developers so that I can customize Ohmni? Is there an SDK available?

Yes, the Ohmni Developer Edition is a robot platform designed to be the ideal starting point for exploring your own human-scale robot applications. We’ve designed the Ohmni Dev Edition to be the easiest to extend robot platform in the world. You can be up and running in days, not weeks.


How can I schedule a test drive?

Complete the form through this link: https://lp.ohmnilabs.com/testdrive

What colors can I choose from?

Ohmni comes in your choice of black, white or red. You can also order Ohmni in customer colors with a minimum order quantity of 10.

Can I customize Ohmni with a logo?

Yes, we can print your logo on Ohmni’s base to feature your company, school or favorite image. To purchase a custom cover from our online store, click here.

What are the shipping fees?

We use FedEx to ship globally. Shipping is calculated automatically during checkout.

Are volume discounts available?

Yes, please contact us for pricing details.

How long does it take to receive an Ohmni after placing my order?

Our lead time is 10-14 business days but can be longer depending on order size. Please contact us to inquire about expedited delivery.

Does Ohmni come with a warranty?

Each Ohmni comes with a 1-year hardware and software warranty from the date of shipment. Read more about Ohmni’s standard warranty.

Do you offer a rigid shipping case?

Yes, please contact us for pricing details.

What is your return policy?

Start your return or exchange process by emailing our team at support@ohmnilabs.com within 14 days of the delivery date. Read our full return policy.

How do I place an order?

You can purchase Ohmni through our store. Click here.

How do I track my order?

After purchase, you can track your order by providing the order number and e-mail received during confirmation, or through the provided carrier tracking number when your order has been shipped.


Track Your Order

What does shipping cost?

We use FedEx to ship globally. Shipping is calculated automatically during checkout. For shipments outside the USA, please contact us to get the name of a local reseller or for details and charges on shipping from the USA. For more information follow the link below.


Shipping Cost

Using Ohmni

What are the steps required to get Ohmni going for the first time?

Unpack the robot. Turn it on. Connect to WiFi. Create an account online. Use the One-Time Pin to connect the robot to your account.

Can more than one person drive it at the same time?

  • Currently, Ohmni can be connected to one remote device (driver) at a time.
  • It is easy, however, to include multiple participants by using a 3rd party conferencing tool like Zoom to share your driving session. Click here to learn more.
  • We are actively working on creating the ability for multiple users to simultaneously take control of an Ohmni robot.

Can I drive Ohmni into an elevator?

You can drive Ohmni into an elevator, but we recommend having someone accompany Ohmni to press the button and to reconnect Ohmni in case it loses wifi connection.

Can Ohmni go up or down stairs?

Ohmni is not currently set up to navigate stairs. Navigating stairs is one of the problems the robotics community is facing that we hope to solve. Ohmni weighs only 18 lbs and can be folded for easy transportation.

Can anyone connect to an Ohmni?

Users must have an account that has been given access to Ohmni either through a One-Time Pin or through shared owner access.

Can Ohmni be used outside?

Ohmni is not designed for outside use but people have and do use Ohmni outside on hard surfaces. We are working on a version suited for outdoor use. Please contact us for more information.

Can I connect Ohmni to a 4G LTE network?

Yes, by using a mobile hotspot you can create your own secure Wifi network to connect Ohmni. This is great for field trips, locations with spotty WiFi, and environments where WiFi isn’t strong.

Will Ohmni work without a network connection?

Ohmni will not work without a network connection because it will not be able to receive commands from the driver.

How much bandwidth does Ohmni require?

We recommend 3Mbps up and down. Congested networks can result in degraded performance. If sufficient bandwidth is not available, Ohmni will adjust its quality down to accommodate.

Does Ohmni require updates? If so, how do I get them?

Because we use the latest WebRTC technology, end-users do not need to manually install updates. Updates are pushed directly to the Ohmni robot.

Can I connect to an Ohmni using a video conferencing client/device from another vendor?

We do not currently connect with third-party video conferencing apps like Zoom because videoconferencing clients do not have driving controls. We use the latest video technology, WebRTC. While it is supposed to be a standard, it is not 100% compatible between vendors yet.

Technical Support

Do you have a help desk?

Please click here to access our help desk.

What are your support hours?

Our HQ is based in Silicon Valley, USA. Typically, our support hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday. We also have a team in Vietnam and do provide high level support in the region as required.

Does OhmniLabs provide technical support?

Yes, you can receive technical support by emailing support@ohmnilabs.com.

Privacy and Security

Can I record my visit or call on Ohmni?

Due to privacy issues, we do not currently support recording in our software. You can find and add 3rd party software that can do some recording independent of Ohmni’s software if needed.

Is Ohmni secure?

Yes, all data is encrypted. No personal data, video, or audio are stored on the robot, nor remote driver’s device(s). Cloud servers facilitate connectivity only. Typical connectivity is point-to-point (peer-to-peer) between the robot and the remote visitor, not through a cloud server. Cloud servers only store encrypted account information. They do not store video nor audio.

Is Ohmni HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Ohmni is HIPAA compliant. Click here to review our HIPAA compliance guide.

Trouble finding something?

If you do not find the answers let us know or check out more articles, videos, and guides at our help desk.

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Why Ohmni?

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