Mom’s Lifeline: The Ultimate Companion for Senior Care

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It’s a sunny morning in Florida, and I’m sipping my coffee, preparing for another workday. Little did I know that today would mark a turning point in my approach to looking after my 83-year-old mother, Katherine, who lives alone. My phone rings and I see “Ellen” on the caller ID. She’s my mom’s physical trainer but I expect she’s calling me to chat about the new pickleball paddles I showed her over the weekend. 

However, what Ellen has to share is anything but fun.

“Jen, I’m with your mom. She fell last night, and I walked in to find her on the floor. I’m going to call the ambulance.”

At that moment, my heart sank. My mom had fallen while transferring from her chair to her motor scooter, and unable to get up, she spent the entire night on the floor! With no medic alert device within reach and unable to reach her cell phone, it was a harrowing experience that shook both of us to our core.

Determined to prevent such incidents in the future, Mom and I set out to make some crucial changes.

Step 1: Ensure Mom Wears Her Medic Alert Bracelet

First and foremost, I needed to figure out why my mom wasn’t wearing her medic alert bracelet. We had been paying for this service for over one year. When I asked her why she wasn’t using it at all times, she admitted to being confused about how it connected to the base and whether someone would hear her if she wasn’t near it. We spent about an hour speaking with a company rep and mom agreed to wear her watch at all times. One hurdle down. 


Step 2: Embrace the Ohmni Telepresence Robot

I had an ace up my sleeve – an Ohmni Telepresence Robot. As an employee at OhmniLabs, the maker of this remarkable technology, I utilized the robot with my mom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, I had let it gather dust since she relocated to a new home at the pandemic’s end. This crisis, however, prompted me to reevaluate its potential.

The Ohmni Telepresence Robot quickly became an indispensable tool in my badass-daughter duties – offering benefits we hadn’t even considered. 

Regaining Control: Logging into the bot, I found myself more in control of the situation, as the robot granted me a physical presence that couldn’t be dismissed easily. I didn’t have to rely on my mom picking up the phone to check in on her. If she’s in another room or has the phone on silent, calling won’t work. This way, I could pop in on her on my own terms and at my own convenience. 

Consistency and Reliability: Using the bot makes me feel like a more responsible daughter, able to show I care about my mom’s wellbeing even when I can’t physically be there. Yes, I only live 3.5 miles away, but still, with work and other obligations, it’s not always convenient to visit in person. The robot allows me to consistently and reliably check in on my mom, providing peace of mind for both.

Excitement on Arrival: When I log into the robot, her mom’s helper announces, “Jen is coming!” – an exciting and heartwarming experience for both of them. I kind of chuckle, but it’s really like I just walked into the room. 

Leaving an Impression: At the end of one day after visiting with the bot, my mom mentioned how delighted she was about my “robot visit” that day! Having a physical presence really left an impression on her – to the point she expressed gratitude about it. The robot was beginning to strengthen our bond.


Invading Mom’s Privacy?

I know, you’re probably concerned that I’m invading my mom’s privacy using the robot. Here’s what she said when I asked her about it: 

“No, I don’t feel the robot is intrusive. You’re my daughter and I know you care about me. You’re here for me and want to know I’m ok. I think that’s important. Many people don’t ever see their family. The bot makes me feel like you’re in my home. I’m glad it’s here!”

Mom's Lifeline: The Ultimate Companion for Senior Care

A Game Changer Compared to Traditional Calls

I still call my mom every morning to check in and make sure she’s alright. However, the Ohmni Telepresence Robot offers a unique set of advantages compared to regular phone calls:

Hands-Free Communication: While using the robot, my mom enjoys hands-free communication, eliminating the need to hold up a phone or tablet.

 Multipurpose Interaction: The robot enables multitasking; I can socialize with my mom while she goes about their daily routine since she doesn’t have to do anything different or special to communicate with me. 

Overhearing Conversations: One thing about talking on the phone with someone is that you don’t hear conversations they have with others on the phone. I know this seems obvious but one morning I rolled into Katherine’s room on the bot while she was on a call with someone. I could hear her conversation, which I would not have been able to do had I simply called her on the phone. I could hear and be a part of the conversation, contributing to a deeper connection.

Though not as swift as a traditional phone call, the extra steps required to log in and maneuver the robot within the house are well worth the effort for the sense of presence it offers.

Making Moments Count

So far, my experience with the robot has been marked by unforgettable moments:

 Virtual Morning Greetings: During my sister’s visit, I was able to pop in and say hello to her and Katherine, making the most of our time together.

Virtual Lunch Dates: I joined my mom and 3 friends for lunch remotely even though it was the middle of my workday. When mom mentioned something she saw online, I quickly searched for it and shared photos on the robot’s screen with my mom’s guests.

Empowered Decision-Making: When the roof repair person came over, I was there on the bot to actively participate in a meeting, asking questions and reviewing images. This made it easier for me to follow up with the estimate to ensure my mom would get the right information and not be taken advantage of. 

Overall, my experience with the Ohmni Telepresence Robot exemplifies the power of technology in bridging physical distances, helping me ensure the safety and well-being of my beloved mother. It gives me peace of mind after our crisis and makes sure my mom never feels alone, regardless of physical distance. 

*To protect the privacy of individuals involved, all names in this article have been changed.


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