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Recently, Dr. Thuc Vu, OhmniLabs CTO and Co-founder, appeared on CheddarTV to discuss how we see Ohmni shaping the future of home care. Dr. Vu explained how and why we aim to place affordable robots in every home.

The purpose of the Ohmni telepresence robot is to make interactions between people a lot more engaging, spontaneous, and meaningful. Think of it as a tablet you can drive around in a home. Drive into the living room to watch television with your grandparents or drive into the dining room and have dinner with your kids when you can’t physically be there.

The human-scale design that reaches about shoulder height is comfortable to use either standing or sitting. And the moving neck makes it a more lifelike and engaging experience for families. The mobility of the robot allows it to not only travel throughout the house but even go on walks outside with family members.

Dr. Vu also discussed his thoughts on the next challenges home robotics will tackle in the near future and what’s next for OhmniLabs including an open robotics platform that will allow third parties to build functions and features on top of the Ohmni platform and to develop additional use cases. To hear Thuc’s views on the evolution of telepresence technology, the use of robotics in senior care and his inspiration behind co-founding OhmniLabs, watch the video of the broadcast. To learn more about OhmniLabs, visit our blog.

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