Ohmni Telepresence Robot Featured in Vietnamese National AI Festival

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Events

This past weekend, after months of preparation, execution, mentoring and collaboration, OhmniLabs’ sister company, Kambria hosted the Grand Finale event of the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. OhmniLabs was a sponsor of the event, providing Ohmni robots for participating teams. At the Finale, 12 teams competed for the top prize in building the Ultimate AI Virtual Assistant during the AI4VN, a Vietnamese National AI Festival

OhmniLabs was impressed by the creativity and hard work demonstrated by all teams. And we were especially proud of Teams Father Life and TobTob for integrating the Ohmni Telepresence Robot into their virtual assistant solution. 

OhmniLabs Vietnam AI Festival l VAGC

Team Father Life accepts their Second Runner Up prize


Team Father Life won the Second Runner Up prize of $2000 for their personal trainer chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to identify people and their emotions. Using the Ohmni robot camera, a person can check remotely whether the user has correctly completed their exercises. 

OhmniLabs Vietnam AI Festival l VAGC

Tran Thanh Huy, Fatherlife’s team leader, presents the project’s human recognition function


Technical features and tools include TFlearn to assess the exercises and posture and to count the number of exercises; tfpose and SVM to identify the human skeleton to classify correct posture; Google Cloud Server, Tornado, and webRTC.

Team TobTob integrated the Ohmni robot into their fast food chatbot, which allows customers to order food and beverages at restaurants and hotels. The two-member team, Nguyen Luu Ngoc and Luong Thi Thuy Trang, are both developers from Singapore. Their chatbot supports interaction with customers through voice and images while responding to complex conversations. Users can order food by typing, chatting, or touching items on the menu. 

TobTob’s chatbot also applies AI technology during the order process to exchange items and interact with its users. By integrating their chatbot into Ohmni robots, TobTob’s solution can also function as an AI waiter and cashier.

About the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge

The Vietnam AI Grand Challenge was organized by Kambria in conjunction with the Vietnamese Ministry of Science & Technology and the Ministry of Planning & Investment. Partners included McKinsey, VietAI, VNExpress, and the Vietnam Innovation Network. The series provided young tech talent with a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence and kickstarted the campaign of AI learning and development in Vietnam. The Grand Finale was held in partnership with AI4VN, a Vietnamese National AI Festival. The Vietnam AI Grand Challenge is part of Kambria’s Global Grand Challenge, which will take place in major tech hubs around the world. 

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