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Practical Solutions to Today’s Healthcare Challenges

The healthcare industry is in crisis and searching for simple and effective solutions to the big problems being caused by the pandemic.

Our telepresence robots help hospitals reduce the number of times that medical staff must suit up to enter rooms and wards as well as providing an effective means to bring families in to support patients virtually.


Our heroes rise to overcome challenges, and deserve creative solutions that will protect them and empower them to provide tomorrow’s care today.

Protect Healthcare Workers

Reducing the exposure of healthcare staff to infectious disease is a critical factor for limiting spread of the disease.

Our robot helps hospital healthcare staff decrease the amount of direct contact with COVID-19 patients by using a telerobotics solution that allows them to monitor and treat patients remotely, reducing their virus exposure, unlike protocols that require changing and suiting up with personal protective equipment each time they enter a COVID patient’s room.


Connect Families With Patients

Due to the nature of infectious disease in a pandemic, families of patients are not able to visit and provide the care and comfort that they normally would. This puts added pressure on overworked medical staff to serve as a communication bridge between families and patients.

Our robot helps hospitals connect patients with their families by providing them with a telerobotics solution that allows families to be present in an isolation ward and have a more human-like presence with the patient, unlike teleconferencing solutions that require staff and patient interaction.


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What is a telepresence robot?


The term telepresence describes a technology that enables a person to simulate being in one location when they are in another location. This includes observing the surroundings of their virtual location and interacting with objects or people in that secondary location. 



Hands Free Experience

Our HIPAA compliant telepresence robot provides visual and audio feedback by streaming video to the remote user through a camera stationed on the robot. Remote users have complete control over the direction and orientation of the camera, so they can see more of the surroundings in the remote location.

Read about HIPAA

Capable & Affordable

Our driveable robots are set on a wheeled base, enabling mobility and movement making them distinct from teleconferencing solutions that require patients to physically interact with a device. As our robot can be completely controlled remotely, patients are not required to physically manipulate the machine in any way, making them ideal in situations where patients are physically limited or incapacitated.


No app Needed, Lightweight and easy to use

Why Ohmni?

Made in the USA and shipped worldwide. Our robots are reasonably priced, fast and easy to set up and use, typically within minutes.