Unparalleled School Engagement with Ohmni Telepresence Robots!

Ohmni robots blend advanced technology with education, enabling students to participate in real-time classroom activities, just as if they were physically present.
Your school district has already approved and made available the necessary funds. All you need to do is choose Ohmni® for your students.

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Career and Technical Education

A proven solution for education

With Ohmni, students participate in discussions, ask questions, and interact with peers and teachers. They can visit the library, and science lab, and even join on field trips.

Promote Resilience & Positive Engagement

Ohmni robot is the best way for students to stay connected with their school community. It’s the only solution that gives them agency, encourages positive engagement, and reminds them of their identity beyond illness or present condition.

A healthcare worker uses the OhmniClean disinfection robot

Over 100 schools around the world use Ohmni Robots

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Advanced Features

for Schools & Beyond the Classroom

Ohmni Robot vs. Video Conferencing

“The telepresence robot stands out from the tools our school uses because it gives the user the ability to interact and engage with their environment in a way that’s not available through video conferencing.”

Karen Wright-Balbier

Instructional Technology Specialist; Technology Integration & Learning, EPISD – El Paso, TX

“Before the robot, students who were out of sight, were out of mind. The Ohmni Robot really gives students agency like nothing else.”

Dr. David Wicks

Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Chair of the Digital Education Leadership Program in the School of Education, Seattle Pacific University

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About OhmniLabs

Founded in 2015, OhmniLabs, Inc. is a Silicon Valley robotics company that produces service robots at scale. With over 4,000 robots deployed worldwide in 50 countries, OhmniLabs made a name for itself by creating a unique, on-demand robot manufacturing model.

Our flagship product, the Ohmni® Robot, is an award-winning telepresence robot that transforms how students connect to teachers and peers from a remote location. The robot’s mobility gives students freedom to move through the class in a way that ordinary video conference solutions cannot. OhmniLabs robots are used daily by schools, students, businesses, medical professionals, and major sports teams around the world.

All robots are proudly designed and built in the USA.