The fully autonomous, most efficient UV disinfection robot

Combining the power of UV light with self-driving abilities, OhmniClean™ is the most innovative choice for disinfection.

The only fully autonomous disinfection solution
99.99% efficacy
Zero downtime for 24/7 cleaning
Comprehensive reports with real-time data
2-3x faster than manual units
Compact footprint for navigating tight spaces

Designed with state-of-the-art features and rigorously tested in hospitals, schools, and offices, OhmniClean is proven to be more effective and easier to use than any existing UV system.


A revolutionary technology that quickly and easily maps any room. Mapping a 10,000 sq ft can be accomplished in less than five minutes.


After each session, you immediately receive a detailed report with heat maps and in-room tracking to confirm a thorough disinfection.


Motion sensors and remote switches create a dependable safety system, protecting your team from any accidental exposure to UV light.


Intuitive, user-friendly interface is so easy to use that new team members can be trained on its operation in less than ten minutes.


Our robust support staff is always available when you need us, from initial implementation through every clean you perform.

Future of Disinfection is Autonomous

No matter your industry or business, our fully autonomous UV-C robot is the premier solution to handle the ever-increasing demand for disinfection.

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“OhmniClean is the perfect addition to our disinfection protocols. It’s improved our workflow and sped up our overall process. My staff loves OhmniClean’s simplified and intuitive process. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Leo Williams

Clean Sweep Group CEO/President

OhmniClean Comparison

Disinfection Utilization
Disinfection Coverage
Disinfection Speed
Safety Controls
Reporting & Auditing
OhmniClean UV-C Disinfection Solution
Full Autonomy
Easy Operation
24/7 Cordless Use
Full-Room Coverage
Fastest Turnaround Time
Passive/Active Safety Systems
Instant Reporting
Other Autonomous UV-C Solutions (US)
Limited Autonomy
Complex Operation*Specialists Required
Limited Cordless Use
Full-Room Coverage
Mid Turnaround Times
Limited Safety Controls
Delayed Reporting
Stationary UV-C Solutions
No Autonomy
Easy Operation
24/7 Corded Use
Limited Coverage
Mid Turnaround Times
Minimal Safety Controls
Delayed Reporting
Stationary Pulsed-Xenon Solutions
No Autonomy
Complex Operation
24/7 Corded Use
Limited Coverage
Slowest Turnaround Times
Limited Safety Controls
Limited Reporting

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