OhmniLabs 2022 – Year in Review

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Content, General News

OhmniLabs had a fantastic and exciting year in 2022. We launched new products, participated in a variety of conferences, and continued leading robotics into a fruitful & human-centric future. To all of our customers, partners, and robotic fan communities, please know that none of this would be possible without your continued support.

Here are a few of our accomplishments.

54% more minutes. 20% more robots deployed. 7544 client-led disinfections.

2022 Events

Ohmni in the Real World

“The coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

NASCAR driver, Josh Williams, partnered with OhmniLabs to bring sick children to racetracks using telepresence robots. 

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“From your screen, you can see anywhere in the world.”

IndigeSTEAM Students virtually visit and tour OhmniLabs HQ to learn about robotics.

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“Like a real-life experience.”

The Oklahoma Children’s Hospital used Ohmni telepresence to create an inspirational experience for a young football fan.

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“It helps team cohesiveness & dynamic.”

The Gore Innovation Center has chosen Ohmni’s telepresence technology as their remote work solution.


Media Features

Screenshot of OhmniClean on the news
OhmniLabs CEO Thuc Vu being interviewed for a podcast
Ohmni telepresence robot being used for a tailoring session
Ohmni telepresence being used by Arizona Cardinals player to visit hospitalized children

New Products

This year, we launched OhmniClean, the premier autonomous UV-C disinfection robot. We also released the next generation of Ohmni, our flagship telepresence robot, packed with enhanced features and robotic capabilities.

Meet Our Team

Head over to our YouTube Channel and check out our Employee Spotlight series. 

YouTube Playlist 💪🏽

Collage of OhmniLabs team members
Happy 2023. We have an amazing year ahead of us.

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