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CNN Money | Ohmni home robot makes video chats feel like they’re IRL

Wednesday April 12, 2017

OhmniLabs wants to make video chatting with family and friends easier — by bringing in a robot.

The Silicon Valley robotics startup is launching Ohmni, a home robot designed to make video chatting with family less of a hassle.

“Families today are often spread out across countries and continents, making it a challenge to stay in touch,” said Thuc Vu, OhmniLabs’ co-founder and CEO.

That’s where Ohmni comes in. The telepresence robot is about five feet tall and weighs 20 pounds. It has wheels, a camera and a tablet, which allow for hands-free video chatting. Ohmni can move around the home and is remotely controlled by the caller. (The call recipient can’t control the robot, but can put it on “do not disturb” mode to block calls.)

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