Developer Edition

Ohmni® Developer Edition

We’ve made the Developer Platforms to be as affordable, open, and modifiable as possible.  Comes with an amazing cloud development API, powerful hardware and extensible software with ROS support that lets you get started with robot development in minutes.



Docker Support


Full, open kernel sources


64-bit Intel quad core CPU


ROS support (ROS Kinetic and Melodic)


Custom 3D printing manufacturing


Made in the USA

Based on our Ohmni® telepresence robot, it’s jam-packed with amazing hardware and comes completely unlocked with full access to all layers of the OS and software stack.


Human-Scale: Interactive Robotics Made Easy

4’8″ height puts a HD IPS touchscreen and display at natural interaction height and a camera around human eye level.

Extensible Hardware: Add Arduinos and Custom dev is available

Glide Drive Technology: Silent 30W brushless motors

2x 30W brushless motors with our custom controllers for quiet and smooth motion.

High Precision Wheel Odometry: 14-bit encoders

30W brushless motors with our custom controllers have 14-bit encoders and a 11:30 reduction, 44.6k ticks per revolution. Controllable acceleration curves, etc.

Neck Servo: +- 60 degree range

Smooth, fluid tilting gives you the perfect angle on the world. +60 degrees up. +XYZ degrees down. Powerful servo with 10-bit absolute encoder. Dynamically balanced for fast movements.



OhmniAPI Cloud Programming Framework: Build rich, interactive robot apps just like writing a webapp

Our core technology to revolutionize the way high level robotics development is done.

Full Docker Integration: Run Ubuntu and ROS Easily

Out of the box we provide the ohmnilabs/ohmnidev image with GCC, node.js, TensorFlow, etc. Install any version of Ubuntu or ROS. Full apt install support for your favorite tools and sw. Install any docker image.

Open Kernel Sources: More Freedom and Flexibility

Add drivers for any hardware you want to add. Fully Unlocked With SSH.

USB 2.0 and 3.0: Expandable Sensing

Add Intel or Orbbec depth cameras, LIDAR, etc. Offer a high power added USB3.0 hub as well.


Built With Pride

Custom 3D printing manufacturing

Made from eco-friendly biodegradable materials

Made in the USA

OhmniLabs Robots-as-a-Service

Client Experience

We are using OhmniLabs’ Developer Edition to augment the interactivity of telepresence calls with custom hardware and software. OhmniLabs’ open platform allows us to conduct specialized telepresence research at a lower cost than competing systems.

Maja Matarić

Founding Director of the Robotics & Autonomous Systems Center at USC

The team at OhmniLabs has an amazing and low-cost 3d printing infrastructure, which allows them to quickly iterate their designs. We have enjoyed using their telepresence platforms around our office and look forward to running ROS on their latest product.

Morgan Quigley

Chief Architect and Co-founder of OSRF

Platform Demo

Shipping worldwide

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