Lead the Next Tech Revolution

Robotics Platform as a Service

Distinguish yourself from the competition with tech-forward robotics solutions. Using our Robotics Platform as as Service, now you can launch robotics applications and capture new value in your market without slow and costly development or complicated manufacturing and deployment.

Lead the Next Tech Revolution

Robotics as a Service

Distinguish yourself from competitors and capture new value with tech-forward robotics solutions.  Launch robotics applications at unmatched cost and speed using Robotics-as-a-Service.

Quickly and efficiently design, prototype, manufacture and deploy robotics that perfectly fit your customer’s needs at a significantly lower cost than traditional robotics developers.

Step into the “new normal” of robotics with our end-to-end solutions that leverage our technical expertise and years of real-world industry experience.

Rapid Prototyping


Modular Library

robot ohmni dock sense driving


Computer Vision

Room for Your Imagination

Our massive modular technology library of hardware and software components + cloud robotics + ultra-lean development and manufacturing processes allow you to quickly build a highly customized robot for your vertical-specific application.

You stay in control with all of the freedom you need to innovate, iterate and fully pilot test your design. Let’s work together to find the perfect robotic solution for your business.


Capabilities that bring new life to your project

Rapid Prototyping

Our 6th generation 3d Printing factory is the largest in Silicon Valley.  While traditional molding can take up to 3 months, we can fabricate new designs in hours.  Create 10x faster with us and iterate until you’re satisfied.


Our industry-leading Ohmni Telepresence Robot is used in over 40 countries in schools, hospitals, startups and Fortune 100 companies.  We’ve built custom variants for industry giants who leverage our rock-solid, mature telepresence stack to bring custom robotics to life in weeks, not years.

Modular Library

We have a library of real-world tested, production-grade robotics tech ready to integrate into your custom robot.  From high power brushless motor technology to the latest sensors and lithium battery charging systems.  Go from robot idea to production in a fraction of the time and cost.

robot ohmni dock sense driving


Our cloud autonomy stack uses LIDAR, depth cameras, and computer vision to generate maps that are shared across robot fleets.  See where every robot is in real-time and dispatch them from the cloud UI or APIs. Skip the grunt work of building your own navigation + SLAM infrastructure and focus on generating value with your robotic application.

robot ohmni dock sense driving

Computer Vision

Make your robot smarter with high-performance edge AI options.  Get 20+ trillion operations per second of neural network inference to localize people and objects and to understand the environment.  Training and deploying models to your robot fleet is as easy as uploading pictures to the Ohmni AI Cloud.

Capabilities that bring new life to your project

Custom Development Services




First we work together on your visual concepts to identify designs that best fit your needs.
1-2 months



Next we develop your unique robotics concept through our engineering services.
6-12 months



Using additive manufacturing, we create your prototype and help you determine whether it’s the right solution for your market.
3-5 months



Our onsite facility will fulfill your manufacturing order with robots Made in the USA.
3-6 months



Let OhmniLabs deploy your robots using cloud services including fleet management and the latest AI solutions such as autonomous navigation, computer vision, and speech recognition.

Project Dependent

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Bring your ideas to life with a robotics platform service that will support you from concept to deployment.

Trail Blazing Clients

Customizing robotics applications has never been easier for these companies and universities with tailored development and Robotics-as-a-Service.

ANA Newme
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Major Retailer

UV Cleaning Robot

Due to COVID-19, hospitals, hotels, airports and offices have been testing autonomous cleaning robots to keep their properties clean and virus-free. However, the cost of these robots is prohibitively expensive for most organizations. 

We worked with a major U.S. retailer to design, prototype, and pilot UV-cleaning robots to clean commonly used surfaces. We accomplished this in only one month at one-tenth of the cost of other robots.

ANA Avatar


We worked with ANA, Japan’s largest airline, to custom design their “newme” Avatar robot taking their idea from concept to manufacturing. Within nine months we created a dedicated production line and started to mass-produce newme for ANA to deploy across Japan for various use cases such as retail, telecommuting, museum tours, government office appointments, and more. 

Major Automanufacturer

Outdoor Robot

We quickly and efficiently designed and prototyped a special outdoor robot for a major automaker in just six months. The robot will be used in sports stadiums to allow fans to join the activities on the field and communicate with the players.

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Bring your ideas to life with a robotics platform service that will support you from concept to deployment.